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With the clutter of terms that psychology threw my way this semester, there is only a few things I will remember with decent accuracy. When I think about the year in review, learning about biological psychology will be the thing that sticks with me. I found it very interesting how every thought comes down to the firing of neurons and make me curious if there is a possibility to enhance the firing of neurons to make the brain faster/smarter. I spent a lot of time studying that chapter because I was fascinated by the different areas of the brain that preform different functions and it's evolution over millions of years. I'll be able to remember what i learned in the future because of the fact i put so much time and effort into the sections of that chapter. Every other section had different theories and hypothesis' about what could be the cause of a something, I liked biological psychology because it had straight answers and had a interesting way of finding answers to the questions. Overall it was a good year in psychology and hopefully I am able to apply the material i learned to later in life situations. If not, at least I can impress people with my knowledge of the brain.


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I think it will also be easy to remember the firing of neurons and long-term potentiation just because its what we will be using to remember all this information for the rest of our life. But as far as biological psychology having straight forward answers, it seemed like it was just getting started and that they still don't have straight forward answers for every part of our brain.

Our understanding is very limited, so its only natural that we wouldn't have explanations for everything Wagen. Besides, where would the fun be in knowing everything?

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