5 Years Later

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Where do I see myself in 5 years? Celebrating the 5th year anniversary of this question being asked!
But for real. One think I think will stick to me throughout the long run is operant conditioning.
I feel this form of conditioning is everywhere and so easy to do that we should start employing it more often. I know if I ever have children I will use it to reinforce good behavior. Also if I ever get a dog, good behavior will also be rewarded. Conditioning in general I've found is very profound. I have a bad habit of cracking my neck (ick I know!) but I really wanted to stop. So I proposed myself a plan that if I think about cracking my neck, if I stop myself before doing it I would reward myself with a rolo (my favorite candy). It was amazing how fast this positive reinforcement of stoping myself from cracking my neck worked. Before I knew it, I had very few urges to twist and pop my neck. I also used this technique to help a friend stop bit ing their nails.
Though psychology has taught me a lot and has opened my eyes to some of the some of the myths we have along with our use of heuristics, operant conditioning still stands out as my favorite and most memorial part of Psych 1001.cracking.jpg


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Operant conditioning is without a doubt a key contributor to the foundation and make-up of psychology as a whole. Operant conditioning is observed day-in and day-out in various situations. Whether it is someone needing punishment to drop a bad habit, or an individual who requires reinforcement to have a certain behavior continue. What comes to mind the most to me is punishment for people who commit crimes, where the punishment is jail time. And for reinforcement, any sort of potty training, to help encourage good behavior. These are just a couple basic examples, but it is clear to see that operant conditioning is a key part of society today and it will continue to be for the rest of our lives. This is a very good post and an excellent take away!

You know what frustrates me the most? When I see friends screwing up and then their parents go about the situation all wrong. They will buy them things despite their children screwing up, essentially enforcing the bad behavior. They then wonder why their children are stuck in this rut and not moving forward. To me, if they would just employ operant conditioning and only reinforce the GOOD behavior, they would be doing so much more to help their children. This is just my opinion, though. (Rant over.)

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