Psychology: 5 Years

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The concepts that I believe I am most likely to remember from psychology are the six principals of scientific thinking. These include ruling out rival hypothesis, correlation vs causation, falsifiability, replicability, extraordinary claims, and Occam's razor. I feel this way because throughout the entire class, these six concepts applied to nearly everything we did. Some of these stand out more than the others and have more obvious applications to daily life. The correlation vs causation concept comes up all of the time in my life today and before psychology I didn't even realize it. It applies to almost every event and helps you determine how to handle different situations. Occam's razor is another that applies to daily life in a less direct way, because sometimes we overcomplicate things and overlook the easiest and most simple solution. Falsifiability is another very interesting concept that I knew little about coming into psychology class. It originally surprised me to learn that for a claim to be scientifically true it actually MUST be possible to falsify it, which makes sense, but at a glance most people would assume that it must be impossible to falsify the claim. While this doesn't often apply to daily life it is still something I will always have a better understanding of. I'm sure there are quite a few concepts from psych 1001 that I will remember for years, but these 6 core concepts definitely stand out to me. Mason Hurley

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I really have to agree with you on Occam's razor and how we over complicate everything in life. Even the classes are examples of this, because at first we think everything were learning is impossible and at the end of the semester it's really short and simple.

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