The importance of the six principles of scientific thinking

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In five years I would hope to remember the six principles of scientific thinking. These principles are useful in determining if an explanation is a good explanation or a bad one. I would hope to continue using the six principles to help me evaluate scientific claims. The six principles are used to overcome bias and reach an unbiased explanation. There are a large number of logical fallacies that the six principles help overcome. For example the principle of correlation vs. causation overcome the correlation-causation fallacy by reminding us that either thing could cause the other or that a third unknown variable could act upon both of them. I would prefer to remember these principle more then any other aspect of psychology because I feel that these principles are essential to rational thought. These principles can help me avoid being fooled by something that may not be true. I hope to continue to use these principles for the rest of my life and to continue to think rationally about explanations for events that ovccur.

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I think your right in that is important to remember the six principles. It really does apply to explanations, even ones that are outside of scientific claims, such as what people are telling you about whats going on in the world around us.

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