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Farve breaks touchdown record

The article in the Star Tribune reported on Farve's status before Sunday's game actually occured and Pioneer Press reports after the game Sunday. According to Pioneer Press, Farve made his 421st touchdown in the first quarter and his 422nd touchdown in the fourth quarter, beating Dan Marino's record of 420.
The Star Tribune quotes Farve: "I realize that if I make a lot of mistakes, that puts our team in jeopardy. We don't win many games when I do that. And I think coming into this year, I felt probably more pressure than any other season, offensively speaking. I know our defense is playing better. I know that we have higher hopes for our defense. But I also know we have to score points."

Star Tribune lead: "A year ago, the Green Bay Packers were a 1-2 team with a veteran quarterback whose best years seemed to be a distant memory.
Pioneer Press lead:The record is his, for now, and Brett Favre can return his focus on two other numbers: 4-0.
The first one is more of a vague story, talking about "ifs" rather than what actually happened like in the second lead.
The Star Tribune's article is written more like a story: "Just as he attempts to downplay any talk of breaking Marino's record with an aw-shucks demeanor that comes complete with his Mississippi drawl". Whereas the Pioneer Press is more reporting on the event.