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Sun Country Airlines Warns of Layoffs or Shutdown

Sun County Airlines has warned of lay offs or possible shut down, affecting its 850 employees, according to Pioneer Press. Sun Country employees received a warning letter from John Fredericksen, general counsel for the Mendota Heights-based carrier, on Thursday.
The letter was sent in regards to the Federal Law WARN Act that requires airlines to give employees 60 days notice for any large-scale laying off or shutdown.
Sun Country lost $47 million on $251 million in operating revenue for the 12 months ended in June.
Owner Tom Petters can no longer offer a loan because of his resignation earlier this week because of suspected federal fraud, according to The Star Tribune.
"While Sun Country has no plans to shut down or institute a major layoff, we wanted to be sure we are in compliance with federal law in light of the recent developments at our parent company," Sun Country said.