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Our Virtual Realities

I first started entering a virtual reality in middle school and high school, spending my weekday evenings AIMing with friends rather than spending time with my family or hanging out in parents basements. That was the days of QTpie1244. Now with Facebook, a whole new level of virtual reality has entered. Everyone jokes how it is an addiction, but I really think there is something to that.
You can get such satisfaction by receiving a message from a friend you haven't talked to in years, or writing some witty comment on a friend's wall that you see every day. Yet there is also a sense of lonliness that sometimes comes with excessive facebooking; the illusion of staying connected, yet only to a certain degree.
This class had made me realize even more so just how much I am consumed in this virtual reality. I will be half-way listening to a roommate tell me a story about last night because while she's talking I'm away in this other world facebook chatting. I realize that many many perks come with the internet and it really is a great way to see what people are up to that you otherwise wouldn't know...but then doesn't it maybe not even matter? If you were really interested wouldn't you call them or go get some coffee?
I think our generation becomes too involved in what everyones doing, and when, and where. That's why twitter has come about too, so everyone can always be "in the know". Now I haven't joined twitter yet because I think it's still a pretty weird concept to me, but who knows where that will go.

This whole concept of a "virtual reality" that me and so many of my peers live in on a day to day basis really was shown in this year's Coca Cola Superbowl commercial. Even though this is a Coke commercial and a blatant form of advertising meant to give you the goosebumps and touch your heart or whatnot...but it really speaks true. This man is walking around in a world of animated virtual creatures all on their phones or blackberries or laptops; a world of minimal actual interactions with one another. I think this commercial was great because it really makes us analyze how we spend our time and to maybe try and come down to earth more often for some more meaningful connections...