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In one of my other clases, JOUR4801, we watched a clip about hacking conventions where hackers from around the world would come and gather in an effort of working towards more security; attacking hackers through hacking. In this sense, these people wanted to help companies such as credit card companies make sure their programs, websites, software, etc was difficult or impossible to hack through. They ran a test of hackers hacking into a police station's database and sending fraudulent emails to the police chief and the other officers. It was not at all difficult for the hacker to do so but they were able to improve their system. In this sense, hacking is obviously a good thing, but I guess we just have to hope the good guys are better hackers than the bad guys.

Just a little note on democracy and hacking...I was appalled to learn that in China their internet bans words just as 'democracy' 'freedom' and 'human rights'/ Words that I, and our nation, hold in high esteem. In some Arab countries the word "women" was enforced in efforts to stop women from gaining a stronger voice in numbers. This information saddens me that other parts of the world live in such oppression. It's not the actual banning of these words online, but what the words symbolize. Makes me all the more happy to be living in the land of the free I guess.