daily journal 8

Today I was awake at like 6am, but didnt really get up until 8am. I had a few things to do before classes. I made some french roast coffee and had a banana on my way to UPS to get some things printed off.

daily journal 7

Today, I was up really early to finish up some homework before class, I had some coffee and poured some to go. The symbol today will simply be coffee.

daily journal 6

All I had today was a donut. I woke up late, was in a hurry, and grabbed one quick on my way out the door into school. I didn't have time to make coffee or anything. Thus, my symbol today will just be a donut.


daily journal 5

Today I was running a little late but I really wanted breakfast cuz I knew I had a long day ahead of me so I made a bowl of cereal right before I left, and took it with me. After the walk down the stairs I was a little worried on how this would work out, but then I made it to the car and was just fine, so spillage. Todays symbol is a bowl of cereal.


daily journal 4

I was extremely tired this morning so I stopped at the gas station and bought a red bull to wake myself up on my way to work. I guess it helped a little, but I was still pretty out of it. So my symbol for the day will be some sort of energy drink.


daily journal 3

Today I made my own coffee (I picked some up last night). Also, I had a donut, so my symbol for the day will be representing coffee & donuts.


daily journal 1 & 2

When I drive to school and/or work each day, I'm usually always drinking coffee or something. Today I realized I was out of coffee, so I just had an apple in the morning on my way to class. So my symbol for the day will be an apple I suppose. Yesterday I had a half cappuccino, half coffee from the DC gas station. So my symbol from yesterday will be something representing 1/cappuccino/ 1/2coffee.

brochure grid





ch2&3 layout

The use of the grid is one of the most basic fundamentals of design. It has been ever since the first art piece ever made. I liked the last couple pages the best, talking about the different elements of design. Juxtaposition, hierarchy, balance, proximity, and unity are some of these. I think the best and most clever designs are ones that have a strong showing of these elements. You can create a very simple and very effective piece without all the extra clutter if you take your time and keep the fundamentals in mind. Ive always been a very organized person, so I really like how the grid looks, and Im especially drawn to pieces with a very unique grid. I liked the part about the visual center too, the fact that it's not always the very middle is so true. Each piece, I think, has a different visual center and that usually has to do with the layout (grid).

I found the part in the third chapter about the development of the world map over time the most interesting because its very relate-able and we've seen it change in our lifetime. The points made about type size and style are good things to think about too. Ive done it plenty of times where I make everything and do the type last and then I usually end up re-adjusting everything again because type size varies from font to font. I plan on selecting typeface first and setting up a grid before I really get going on each page of my booklet.

google moodboard

here's my google moodboard

im thinking of making a commercial and poster to go with it

google moodboard.pdf