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inspiring logos

check this sight out, these are great



push the bottle.jpg

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color theory

Normally I just pick a color at random or whatever seems to look good, but now I'll think it through a little more each time because each tone does have a different meaning. I didn't realized color had such a history.

Clever logos

I found this site as I was browsing around and these are some really clever examples of extremely simple logos.

click to visit Abduzeedo.com


more 4.jpg

fed ex (look for the arrow).png

greenberg brand marketing research.png

astonish article

This is a very interesting article, it's pretty much what an artist goes for every time one creates an artpiece. It doesn't always work, but if what you created has multiple meanings / multiple dimensions, it usually turns out to be a very clever piece. The article makes for a good inspiration to really think each project through thoroughly in order to develop each aspect of the assignment.


I am expecting to develop a more professional feel for the graphic designer, I hope to create multiple projects that will help me pursue my career for the future.

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