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One United World

I want to remind all the countries across the globe that this is one united world. We should be reaching out to each other in times of need and remember that we are all connected by this one Earth. The hands reaching out from each continent symbolizes this. The blue background can be looked at as the water that all of us use. I used multiple different styles of type to signify the diversity across the world.


With this poster, I intend to send the message of "cooperation makes peace." If we cooperate and build with each other and not against each other, we can come closer and closer to reaching the goal of peace. There are 7 triangles are symbolizing 7 continents, and the hands reaching out are symbolizing what we are trying to get, peace.

the 2 in progress

united aqua blue.JPG


united in progress...

I'm trying to figure out what background color works best....

united blue.JPG

united red.JPG

united purple.JPG

gouache paintings

I have never seen paintings like these before. Kazuki Takamatsu is from Japan and has a unique style of painting, called gouache painting. The paint is heavier and more opaque and has more reflective qualities to it. Abstract and realism are combined and I found it very appealing in the way that I try to figure out what's going on in each painting.

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anatomy2 article

As the years pass by, design, just like anything else keeps evolving and advancing. Color and modernism are two big strides we have taken so far, and it seems it happens everywhere just on a different timeline, for example the colorful 15th anniversary German posters that were talked about in the article. They were/are appealing, captured interest, and sent a message, what more could you ask for? Also, browsing through all the images reminds me that each piece you make doesn't just have one look, it could have even 10 or more. It can be completely redone with a different color scheme or with minor adjustments and thats a good thing to always keep in mind. If you don't like something, change it, it's not that hard.

in progress...

reach for peace.JPG

united world colored.JPG

united world bigger.JPG

Iranian design

Communication is one of the most important things we graphic designers have to consider when working on designs. It seems to me that Iranian designers are more focused on the art itself rather than the typography or communicating with the audience. Much of the posters here have little to no type at all. Some of them are clever and work well, but there are quite a few that I don't understand the meaning of too. In some cases, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a poster, book cover, and an advertisement. This problem can easily be solved by first thinking about how to convey the message, and then going to work.

classic european design

This site has some pretty clever designs from Europe. Much of the imagery seems to be focused on/in or around the typography. These designs are very dated, but I think some could still be used today because they look fairly modern yet. Color schemes are very simple, either monochromatic or two complementary colors make up the majority of these. It seems like each idea is pushed to the max. Sometimes you'll see a poster that has one half or a third of it is perfectly done and the rest of the space just doesn't look right. It's like a person with a bright idea that didn't follow completely though with it. Those aren't as exciting to look at as most of the ones here. The cultural influences found on this page are anywhere from hockey to skating to music to being very sophisticated.

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poster rough

united world.JPG

charity work

I like how James Victore liked to work in a "looser" style in order to be a productive designer. Sometimes you just have to do what works best for you because that's when your best designs will come out. Some of the work that you find across the globe has such an enormous meaning and has changed how people look at things, for example the posters Art Chantry made in the Netherlands.


These thumbnails are from all over the world and range anywhere from the 1950's to now. It's really cool to see some of the examples from other countries.

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notes for poster


what im working on


diversity trees.JPG

one united world.JPG


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