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google moodboard

here's my google moodboard

im thinking of making a commercial and poster to go with it

google moodboard.pdf

retro contemporary

I found this recent illustration by 'maa designs' and it combines classic pop art with the new digital age, I think anyways. There are quite a few of these on the home site
click here

classic popart.JPG

final poster design


I want to remind all the countries across the globe that this is one united world. We should be reaching out to each other in times of need and remember that we are all connected by this one Earth. The hands reaching out from each continent symbolizes this.

mixed messages

I just happened to find these and thought they were pretty awesome.

click here to see more

dont want.png

magazine article

I found an article in ESPN magazine about athletes Twittering during their games in 2009 and how it has changed everything. The graphics within the article are clever and send the message perfectly. I didn't even need to read the title in order to know what the article was, is says it perfectly in the graphic without any text at all. The font of the title is very "futuristic" and "internet-like," if you will.

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