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daily journal 8

Today I was awake at like 6am, but didnt really get up until 8am. I had a few things to do before classes. I made some french roast coffee and had a banana on my way to UPS to get some things printed off.

daily journal 7

Today, I was up really early to finish up some homework before class, I had some coffee and poured some to go. The symbol today will simply be coffee.

daily journal 6

All I had today was a donut. I woke up late, was in a hurry, and grabbed one quick on my way out the door into school. I didn't have time to make coffee or anything. Thus, my symbol today will just be a donut.


daily journal 5

Today I was running a little late but I really wanted breakfast cuz I knew I had a long day ahead of me so I made a bowl of cereal right before I left, and took it with me. After the walk down the stairs I was a little worried on how this would work out, but then I made it to the car and was just fine, so spillage. Todays symbol is a bowl of cereal.


daily journal 4

I was extremely tired this morning so I stopped at the gas station and bought a red bull to wake myself up on my way to work. I guess it helped a little, but I was still pretty out of it. So my symbol for the day will be some sort of energy drink.


daily journal 3

Today I made my own coffee (I picked some up last night). Also, I had a donut, so my symbol for the day will be representing coffee & donuts.


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