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I have heard many complaints about the difficulty for handicapped people to access ceratin parts of the campus and decided to find out what thye meant. To me it seemed that everything was easily accessible, but I was a bit misunderstood. One of the places that I had heard was not a good candidate for handicap accessibility was Ford Hall. I had never thought about it, but the front entrance is impossible for wheelchair access due to the sets of stairs that go up and downstairs.

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The backside entrance of the building was not much better, except for the fact that it did have an elevator. But I noticed that the elevator was considerably small for a wheelchair, and would fit 1, if any wheelchair on being the door only just a few feet wide.

Another area I had heard was a problem is Frat Row. None of the fraternities are handicap accessible either. They all have their cement steps leading up to an elevated entrance and the back entrances are not any better.

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This is just one minor issue within the a world of huge problems, but this would be a great improvement to find ways to improve accessibility for the physically handicaped.