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to the photographer, oppositions can occur at every moment.

developing, now that's a big problem that can occur when using film. since the film is light-sensitive, it should not be revealed in the light without going through the developing process which invovles photogrpahic chemicals. so to solve this problem, one has to either stand in a completly black room or use a special bag which allows the person to stick their hands in the bag and remove the film from the camera without damaging it.

in order for the photographer to make prints from the negatives which he developed, he first needs special photo paper. this paper is also light-sensitive, and should not see light otherwise it can be completely ruined. thus, this opposition was solved through the development of the darkroom, which uses a specially-made red or amber colored light, known as a safelight. It enables the photographer to work in the light so they can see what they are doing, without exposing the paper.

Developing color film has always been an intricate and tedious task. The complexity of processing color film and printing color photographs has resulted in the developmen of Polaroid technology and digital photography. because of these inventions, the number of darkrooms is slowly declining.