Emotional health issues increasing in freshman-level college students

by Maddy Hughes
All across America, students in their first year of four-year colleges reported an increase in mental health complications due to the stress that the onset of higher education brings.
This report was significant because the levels of difficulty were statistically the worst in the 25-year history of the survey, "The American Freshman: National Norms 2010," given by the Higher Education Research Institute.
The New York Times and The Daily Iowan, in their recent articles addressing the survey, mentioned the same possible causes for the widespread increase in stress: the pressure to succeed in the dwindling economy, and the need to perform well considering the higher tuition rates.
The survey's results emphasized a clear difference in female and male students: both the percent of female students who were overwhelmed, and who responded by getting help, was much greater than that of male students in both cases.
It also focused on the drop in percentage of students who said they felt their emotional health was above average (The New York Times citing the 12 percent decrease from 1985 and The Daily Iowan, a 3.4 percent decrease from 2009).

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