How news lead in The Guardian addresses riots in Egypt

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by Maddy Hughes
In the opening sentence for The Guardian's main story about events in Egypt, the writer gave a short summary of the basic message of the article.
If a reader were to come to this page and only read the opening sentence, they would know that most of the action was occurring in Cairo, and what the action was (the conflict ensuing between protesters and officers).
By the second sentence, they would understand the reason for these events.
The lead was written in bold type, as was the case with beginning sentences of fact blocks for the rest of the piece.
The bullet points made the format of the lead unusual because it resembled the form of a reporter's notes as they were witnessing an event.
The lead worked well to engage the viewer directly and immediately; this is a perfect example of a good hard news lead.

1 Comment

Hi Maddy: I like that you are following this story in a foreign news site such as The Guardian. It gives you a good alternative perspective. It seemed to me you were following a "live blog" because that's where the link led. Live blogs are entries that track through the day, with time stamps, to summarize the news and to link to other sources of information that might be relevant. Stories are slightly different because they are written to summarize all the news. Just be aware of these different forms, which we will discuss in class. Nice work.

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