U of M students take a stand on political upheaval in Egypt

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by Maddy Hughes
Students from the University of Minnesota came together on Friday to voice their approval of the current protests in Egypt and to show their hope that Egyptian citizens overcome the opposition of their government.
The idea behind the U demonstration was to send the message to Egyptians that they have support across the globe.
The government in Egypt, which the demonstrators called destructive, has blocked the internet, set a new curfew, and tied up phone lines to inhibit communication.
These actions, as these student protesters would have it, signal a need for the rest of the world to speak up.
Twin Cities Daily Planet noted that 100 people were involved in the demonstration, while Minnesota Public Radio and The Minnesota Daily both said the number was around 50 to 60.
However, all three publications said that not all of the participants at the U had connections in Egypt. Some of those who were from Egypt knew people back home whom they could not reach because of the government's choice to block communication even via cell phones.
All of the protesters from Egypt said that the government is indeed corrupt. Referring to president Hosni Mubarak, students said that the country does not need him, that his rule is clear injustice, and the fact that his supposed democracy entails a 30-year rule does not make sense.
Protesters of Egyptian descent were glad to see that the people of Egypt were finally speaking up. Reports say that demonstrations like this are happening all around the U.S.

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