Bill passes Assembly, protests continue in Wisconsin

By Maddy Hughes
Madison, Wis.-- The bill that has caused thousands of Wisconsinites to gather around the capitol in protests against it passed the Assembly Saturday after a debate that started in the early morning Wednesday.

The Assembly was debating amendments to the bill, and displayed a great deal of conflict between the sides of the Democrats and Republicans, according to this article in the Associated Students of Madison.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Wednesday on a prank call done on Walker by a blogger from Buffalo, N.Y., who was posing as David Koch, a conservative and very wealthy contributor to Walker.

Governor Walker essentially said that he has no plans to let go of the idea for the bill, and used phrases that revealed his strongly bipartisan ideology such as "not one of us" (when referring to a Democratic senator). He had no clue that the caller was posing and revealed a plan to stop the protests by planting "trouble makers" among them, eventually rejecting it because it could cause people to say he had to dismiss the bill in order to resolve the mayhem.

The Assembly had been debating over 100 amendments the Democrats proposed and the Republicans tried to vote on the bill, stopping the debates and causing Democrats to protest collectively.

The Assembly Speaker abruptly called for a vote despite the Democrats' shouting protests. The bill passed 51-17, with 28 Representatives absent. The bill still needs to be sent to the Senate in order to be enacted.

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