Former Pakistani president arrested on suspicion of connection to ex-premier murder case

by Maddy Hughes
ISLAMABAD--A court issued former president Pervez Musharraf with an order of arrest Saturday for suspected involvement in the murder of 2007 prime minister Benazir Bhutto, The Huffington Post and USA Today have both reported.

This is not the first of public legal issues for the president, who was forced out of his presidency in 2008 for having reached his position through a military coup in 1999.

The case is an obstacle for Musharraf, as he was planning a comeback in the Pakistan government from abroad. He has defended himself by saying that the allegations are false and simply a part of an attempt by political rivals, who now run the government, to keep him out of power.

He also used the governmental role of Bhuttan's bereaved husband to source the accusations.

Bhuttan's assassination came after her campaign in elections that Musharraf only permitted after the public, both in Pakistan and abroad, pressured him to do so for months. She died from a gun and suicide bomb attack, which Musharraf attributed to the Taliban in Pakistan.

The Taliban denied the truth of Musharraf's statement, and it has since been said by critics, including the U.N. (though they are not involved in the search for the person responsible for the killing) that his government did not do enough to ensure Bhutto's safety. This opposition will cause for a difficult attempt at a comeback for Musharraf, who fled to Great Britain in 2008 after threats of impeachment by Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party.

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