Minnesota Legislature considers Sunday liquor bill

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by Maddy Hughes
A bipartisan group in the state senate is reviewing proposed legislation that liquor stores in Minnesota be permitted to stay open for business on Sundays. However, some business owners are concerned it would complicate matters for them. The Minnesota Daily and The Star Tribune have equally thorough articles about concerns surrounding the chance of the bill's passing.

Minnesota is unique in its regulations on liquor businesses; all bordering states keeping business open every day of the week. Minnesotans have to make the 40-minute drive to Hudson, Wis. to get their alcohol on Sundays, and proponents of the bill say that this is a remnant of the days when drinking was a social taboo circa the 1890s.

Lawmakers say that this law is outdated, and that there is no reason to keep a law that creates a hassle for customers and takes business away from store owners. The sponsor for the bill, Sen. Roger Reinert, DFL-Duluth, said, "All our neighbors allow it. Why not us?"

But the opposition to the bill comes from Minnesota's liquor lobby itself. They say that the extra day of business will not bring in enough revenue to justify the stores' remaining open. Some business owners just want to keep their only day off a reality.

Rep. Phyllis Kahn, DFL-Minneapolis, who pushed similar legislation in 2009, said that she will introduce a similar bill in the House of Representatives.

1 Comment

I own a small liquor store in Aitkin County and I would very much like to see Sunday Liquor sale be allowed - anything that would help my chance in keeping the doors open and my employees keep their jobs, sounds Great to me. These owners that don't want this to pass can just stay home on Sundays and not open! - Nobody is forcing them to be open if they don't want to be - heck this time of year, I close at 8:00 PM - not 10:00 PM (nobody around here seems to leave their house after dark in the winter!)

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