Wisconsin lawmaker tackled by police

by Maddy Hughes
MADISON, Wis.-- TIME and The Washington Post, along with many other publications, reported police tackling a representative from Wisconsin trying to get into the Capitol Thursday, after it had been closed to the public.

Because of all the protests in Wisconsin in the past couple weeks, Democratic representative Nick Milroy attributed their action to an error in judgment. He was dressed in street clothes as he tried to enter the Capitol to get clothes from his office after 6 p.m., and the understandably exhausted police officers mistook him for a protester.

A judge had ordered that the building be shut down earlier that day, in response, after weeks, to the thousands of protesters camping out overnight inside the Capitol and resuming their riots there during the day.

The video of the incident, taken by WISN-TV, shows Milroy close to the doors when the police order him to stay away. He tries to show his ID but doesn't have enough time before they tackle him.

Milroy calmed viewers by saying there was "no harm, no foul in this incident" and that the weeks of chaos have taken their toll on everyone, including himself. Milroy was one of the four Assembly members who, earlier in the week, moved their desks to the front lawn after public access to the Capitol was restricted.

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