Family of tornadoes hits U.S., damages North Carolina most

by Maddy Hughes
North Carolina received the worst blow of a group of more than 240 storms traveling over the U.S. Saturday, according to the New York Times and the Charlotte Observer.

The Charlotte Observer said that there were more than 60 tornadoes across the state, while The New York Times said there were more than 90.

The tornadoes began in Oklahoma Thursday night and stretched all the way to the Eastern Seaboard, leaving damage of tens of millions of dollars in its wake. The storms left 45 people dead and hundreds injured.

Twenty-one of the 45 deaths nation-wide happened in North Carolina. The state had not seen storm damage of this extent sine 1984, when 42 people were killed by 22 twisters. Most of the deaths happened in small rural counties.

These tornadoes were unusual in North Carolina because though the Great Plains may see these kinds of storms twice a year, they rarely ever occur in North Carolina, according to weather service meteorologist Scott Sharp from Raleigh, N.C. And though it was unusual how many of the storms hit North Carolina, it was most unusual that all of the tornadoes came from one large storm.

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