Federal Government nears shutdown Friday

by Maddy Hughes
The whole country watched in awe Friday as the federal government drove itself toward a shutdown at midnight, which it just barely avoided through a last-minute compromise between Republicans and Democrats.

The main disagreement at first appeared to be only about the budget--after all, that is what Congress was negotiating. But family spending seemed to be a large factor causing the split as well, NPR and ABC News reported.

Both Republicans and Democrats pointed fingers at the other side for stalling an agreement, and the accusations involved positions taken on family spending. Though hard to tell around which of the topics the dispute centered, there was intense debate about the use of taxes for family spending purposes, specifically for Planned Parenthood.

Senate Majority Leader Democrat Harry Reid said that Republicans were mostly against taxes being used to fund Planned Parenthood because it provides abortions to women, although the taxes are private.

But both sides cited the other's main agenda as the source of the prolongation. House Speaker Republican John Boehner said that it was not the spending legislation that caused the most disagreement, but the size of the budget cuts.

In a debate between Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind. and Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., funding for Planned Parenthood was the heat factor. Hollen repeatedly reminded Pence that the taxpayer money is not what funds Planned Parenthood services, while Pence focused on the idea that abortions make up the majority of its services.

The federal spending budget will be finalized next week.

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