January 12, 2006

black powder rifle

i purchased 2 black powder rifles after being taught by a experienced co-worker, his family eventually all started SW Minnesota blackpowder deer hunting, after his granddad got one for christmas six years ago--- my learning curve was shorter because of his advice and experience. i did purchase inexpensive bolt action 209 primer black rifles from both CVA and Traditions, later i read a gripe site about their shortcomings compared to Knight and others. my opinion is the steel barrel and breech plug is heavy duty and looks strong, even though i do not have the metalurgy makeup of the steel, i guess from the appearance, thickness and finish it is armory grade, liability you know is international. both are made in Spain, the originator of firearms in the American continent, i conclude the thrift and weakness may be in the trigger assembly and safety, i mean compared to more expensive rifles, my cva has been fired mine 3 times and it worked great. i hot water cleaned my rifle and "Bore Butter" the rifling, to season it--- i use a powerbelt bullet and two 50 grain triple seven pellets. it is a entry level weapon, with safety in mind---i think it works well and can dispatch a deer--- next year.

Posted by huiex001 at 9:20 AM