October 20, 2006

revolver deer hunting

party deer hunting in sw minnesota in the forested river flats, during two group drives, i got two whitetail deer---one small 5 point buck and one doe. i used a .357 revolver because the new winchester 30-30 i had purchased for the hunt, a few days before, would not seat or cycle cartridges (in hindsight most likely clogged with grease or defective), i returned it. so i was was stuck with only a 12 gauge bird shotgun or my sighted in .357 at 25 yards. the buck was leaping right to left about 500 yards (oops!) i mean 35 yards and the doe passed me left to right at about 20 yards (had one graze wound). they were not difficult shots, i used winchester factory ammo .
my pistol reputation was built that day, because i had witnesses---it was really just timing, i was at the right places at the right time. i have not used my pistol since, my buddy is borrowing it to use in se minnesota where it is shotgun slugs only or deer size caliber pistol i.e., .357, 44 magnum, 41mag etc.
i now prefer a remington rifle auto or pump for deer in a .308 (2,820 fps) or 30-06 (2910 feet per second) caliber , leupold 2-7X scope with remington corloc 150 grain, less aim lead when they bolt out of hiding, i find them faster to get on target and release button safety in quick aiming.
i finally purchased a 30-06 bolt action ruger m2 w 3-9x scope, extremely accurate, but the the 3 position safety is slow and loud, bolt cycling is slow and i do not care for the top loading e.g., no detachable clip, but mechanically reliable. an excellent open cover rifle but not dense woods---where a quick second shot is needed. yes i have blooded it.

Posted by huiex001 at 1:05 PM