February 25, 2005

BWCAW canoetrip

hi jim, you are my first author, thanks for comments. my advocation and meditation is constructed in the outdoors, canoeing and adventure and it has to include my grandchildren. we have fun together.

your 454 is quite a large caliber for a handgun, i believe it is a single action by wyoming arms or ruger? i have done much reloading and shooting with 44 and 357, but not rifle reloading. ammo for a rifle i prefer remington corloc, it is inexpensive and reliable and less recoil then powered up reloads.
UP,i have never been there, but my brother in law has deer hunted there. i understand it gets deep snow cover and is outstanding for snowmobiling, snowshoeing and skiing, i only down hill ski. i take an annual BWCAW canoe trip every may on the kawishiwi river 20 east of ely, we stay for 3 nights, camp and fish and look at stars.

Posted by huiex001 at 8:25 AM