November 29, 2004

safe deer hunting training

My three grandsons and i deer hunted together, for my youngest (6 years old) it was his first time. It was primarily just dressing up (blaze orange) and practicing firearm safety (BB guns) and how to travel in heavy woods, the compass and landmarks were used for directional emphasis. In the evening we posted at the top of a ridge, no deer was seen or heard. I fired my rifle once when we were ready to leave, so they had a close up experience of a real firearm shooting--they said the report and flame was cool and the sound of it wheezing through the air was unexpected. i plan to teach them how to muzzleloader deer hunt, because present long-range rifle deer hunting will transform by the time they are my age--because of safety concerns from human population increases and less public hunting land.

Posted by huiex001 at 1:46 PM