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June 25, 2009

Form/Genre Headings for Sound Recordings

In 2008, LC began issuing a limited amount of form/genre headings for non-musical sound recordings as part of their Radio Program project. I'll be posting a cumulated list of these headings to the Special Formats page. These headings (as appropriate) should be used in both copy and original cataloging.

Some headings of these headings are also appropriate for to musical sound recordings, such as the recently issued "655 Live sound recordings." However, do not routinely change topical headings into form/genre headings--wait for the authorized headings!!

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May 4, 2009

Cataloger Desktop Update

The latest update to Catalogers Desktop (Issue 2, 2009) includes some updated pages in Music and Sound Recordings Online (MOIM):

The following MOIM pages are being distributed herewith. All are dated February 2009.
028: sentence about DIDC, etc., numbers added; example substituted
051: revised to reflect current policy on copy numbers
111: revised to show that not all valid subfields are listed
246: real examples substituted for two made-up ones
906: updated to agree with DCM C16 (rev. November 2008); usage of code "par" in subfield $b explained

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April 9, 2009

RDA testing

There has been a cal for test partners for the upcoming test period for the new cataloging code Resource Description and Access. The U Libraries are submitting an application as a test partner, and I have also applied for the MLA RDA testing funnel group. Hopefully we will be selected for at least one of those opportunities!

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March 31, 2009

Form/Genre for Music Materials

Good news!!

LC has announced more news about the form/genre project that includes headings for music materials.

Read information on the music project here and the general press release here.

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December 19, 2008

OLAC DVD Guide (Updated) Now Available

From the OLAC-List:
The DVD Guide Update Task Force of the Cataloging Policy Committee (CAPC) has completed the document, “Guide to Cataloging DVD and Blu-ray Discs Using AACR2r and MARC 21 (2008 update). The Task Force thanks the cataloging community for sending thoughtful comments, suggestions, and revisions to help make the final document a more useful one and one that is consistent with AACR2 and any recent MARBI recommendations. We extend thanks to CAPC for their review and to Teressa Keenan for placing the document on the OLAC website.

The document is located on the website in the following areas:

CAPC Publications & Training Materials:

CAPC What's New:

OLAC What's New:

The direct link to the document is :

As Chair of the Task Force, I also express appreciation to DVD Guide Update Editors, Marcia Barrett and Julie Moore, the members of the DVD Guide Update Task Force, and members of the original 2002 DVD Cataloging Guide Task Force. You will see their names listed in the Acknowledgments section of the document.

Carolyn Walden, Chair
DVD Guide Update Task Force
University of Alabama at Birmingham

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December 12, 2008

Form/Genre Project for Music (LC)

Finally, LC has released a plan and proposed timeline for the next form/genre projects! It may be viewed at their website

Music is one of the five projects identified, and the project will start immediately. The project will be done in cooperation with the Music Library Association.

What an exciting opportunity!

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May 1, 2008

FRBR and Uniform Titles

The latest post in the Outgoing: Library Metadata Techniques and Trends blog (penned by OCLC's Thom Hickey) is likely to result in much discussion. Hickey has identified a list of 25 uniform titles that serve as 'noise' titles (i.e., problematic for activities such as matching); some 15 of these are frequently used in music uniform titles. Hickey proposes "abandonment" of these generic uniform titles for certain activities...

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February 8, 2008

Musical Sharp Sign in the Authority File--Update

Just a reminder that the musical sharp sign is one of the new MARC characters recently implemented. Here's an excerpt from the update sent by LC CPSO to NACO project participants:

We'd like to update you on a few projects that have had, or will have, an impact on the NACO authority file.

Last fall we issued announcements notifying NACO catalogers to begin using several new MARC characters, including the degree sign and the musical sharp. We also indicated that OCLC was considering automated means to convert earlier records that used substitutes for the degree sign and musical sharp. We're very pleased to announce that Robert Bremer of OCLC has just completed a project to convert existing NACO records that contained a superscript zero where a degree sign was intended, and to convert pound signs into musical sharps, where appropriate.

Pound sign --> Musical sharp

Robert reports that this conversion resulted in 538 changed authority records. Robert has also produced a list of the LCCNs of the NACO records where any 1XX, 4XX, or 5XX field was changed when converting to a musical sharp.

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January 7, 2008

Genre/Form Headings for Radio Programs (LC)

With this announcement of LC's latest Genre/Form heading project, can the music project be far behind? (Hopefully more information will be revealed at ALA Midwinter or MLA...) Here's the blurb from LC that appeared today on several electronic lists:

As the next step in the development of genre/form headings at the Library of Congress, the Cataloging Policy and Support Office (CPSO) would like to announce the beginning of a project to add genre/form headings for radio programs to the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH). These headings will join those already being established for moving images.

The genre/form headings will be based chiefly on the concepts represented in the Radio Form/Genre Terms Guide (RADFG). Existing form headings in the area of radio programming from LCSH (currently coded with MARC authority field 150) will also be considered for inclusion.

Catalogers in the Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division, in cooperation with CPSO, have begun to create "proposed" authority records to aid in discussions related to the development of these genre/form headings. Although these records are not yet approved, they may be consulted in the Library of Congress authorities database. As with other proposed subject headings, these sample records may not reflect the final forms, reference structures, et cetera, but are provided to assist in the development process:

Audience participation radio programs (sh2007025534)
Christmas radio programs (sh2007025570)
Horror radio programs (sh2007025535)
Radio adaptations (sh2007025531)
Western radio programs (sh2007025532)

A draft instruction sheet detailing the creation and application of these headings is also being written for inclusion in the Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings and will be posted on CPSO's web site for public comment. An alert will be sent to various discussion lists when that occurs.

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December 7, 2007

LC Brief Records for Sound Recordings

The early buzz surrounding the news that LC was going to lease metadata from the All Media Guide included word that these records wouldn't be distributed beyond LC...but here's an announcement received today from OCLC:

"Beginning later this month, OCLC will begin loading additional records for popular music sound recordings distributed by the Library of Congress. LC staff derive much of the data from the All Media Guide, verifying titles and standard numbers. Contents notes are also verified to be accurate with what is on the label, but may not conform strictly to the rules. The records generally lack added entries, subject headings, and LC classification numbers. Also, the records frequently lack main and added entries for performers, although a 5XX field for performers is usually present. Therefore, searching in the name indexes will seldom retrieve these records, and keyword searches for names will be more effective. Title searches will also often be a useful strategy. The records will have Encoding Level value ‘3’ and a note that says “Brief record.?

OCLC processing will attempt to match LC’s records to records already input into WorldCat. If a match is found, some data from the LC record, such as LCCN, will be merged into the WorldCat record. The LC record will not replace the WorldCat record. Records that do not find a match will be added to WorldCat.

Because the records have Encoding Level '3', OCLC catalogers are able to modify and upgrade them. We encourage you to do so. If you upgrade the record to a higher encoding level, please delete the "Brief record" note. When you upgrade one of these records to a Encoding Level 'K' or 'I', you will receive a minimal-level upgrade credit"--Rich Greene, OCLC

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November 27, 2007

LCSH Weekly Lists

Just a reminder that the LCSH weekly lists of new/changed subject headings has moved. Check it out here

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November 2, 2007

LC Implementation of new MARC 21 characters

The following blurb appeared in the November issue of the Music Cataloging Bulletin. At this point there is not a plan to identify and change existing name/title authority records (though it looks like there will be at some point), but if the change is batch-produced, for example, these headings could be listed in MCB.

I haven't had a chance to see how the sharp sign displays or will work in Aleph. For now, please continue to use the letters "c" or "p" to indicate copyright or phonogram marks (e.g., follow LC practice), but be aware that some OCLC records may use the new characters...anyways, here's the blurb:

Imp lementation of new MARC 21 characters

The Library of Congress has announced that as of Oct. 22, 2007 the following characters will be allowed in records contributed to the LC/NACO Authority File: spacing underscore, grave, and tilde; opening and closing curly bracket; degree sign; lower case script L; copyright and phono copyright mark; musical sharp; inverted question mark and exclamation mark.

David Reser at CPSO has clarified LC's use of the copyright and phono copyright symbols. These new symbols may be found in LC-issued bibliographic records. LC will continue to use the letters "c" and "p" (rather than the new MARC symbols) for the copyright and phono copyright in the bibliographic 260/$c and authority 670/$a in new records, but will retain the symbols in records from other libraries when copy cataloging. LC will use the the new MARC characters when they are transcribed in other parts of a bibliographic or authority record (e.g., in titles, headings, etc.). LCRI 1.4F5 has been revised to reflect LC's practice.

The Library of Congress will work with OCLC to identify existing authority records in which the number sign was used for the musical sharp and superscript zero for the degree sign and convert them to their new MARC 21 equivalents.

Implementation of the following characters has been deferred: Eszett (continue to use "ss" as per LCRI 1.0E); Euro; spacing circumflex.

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October 31, 2007

HD vs. Blu-ray

An article in today's Strib offers a Q & A about these HD video formats. One of the answers notes that perhaps neither of these formats will replace traditional DVDs, citing the inability of SACDs and Minidiscs to overtake the compact disc....

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October 9, 2007

Streaming Media Best Practices (OLAC)

From the OLAC List:

The CAPC Streaming Media Best Practices Task Force has finished a draft that is now available for public review. It presents best practice guidelines and examples for cataloging both streaming video and audio, based on AACR2.

This document is available in both Word and PDF formats. (Links to the draft are also available on the "What's New" section of the OLAC web page).

Feedback should be directed to Jeannette Ho by November 9th.

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August 14, 2007

New Codes for 040, 6XX

From the latest
TECHNICAL NOTICE (August 13, 2007)
Additions to the MARC Code Lists for Relators, Sources, Description

Network Development and MARC Standards Office
Library of Congress

The codes listed below have been recently approved for use in MARC 21
records. The codes will be added to the online MARC Code Lists for
Relators, Sources, Description Conventions.

The codes should not be used in exchange records until after October 13,
2007. This 60-day waiting period is required to provide MARC 21
implementers time to include newly defined codes in any validation tables
they may apply to the MARC fields where the codes are used.

Other Sources
ukblderived - British Library derived cataloging
Code ukblderived signifies that the British Library has re-used another
organization's catalog record for its cataloging. Headings have not been
validated against the relevant authority file. [use only after October 13,

Term, Name, Title Sources

The following code is for use in subfield $2 in fields 600-657 in
Bibliographic and Community Information records, and in subfield $f in
field 040 (Cataloging Source) in Authority records.

muzeukv - MuzeVideo UK DVD and UMD film genre classification
(London: Muze Europe Ltd) [use only after October 13, 2007]

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May 10, 2007

New Edition of Class M

Good news! The new edition of Class M has just been published!! It looks like most of the schedule remains the same but there will be better geographical coverage for certain topics (especially Central and South America). The schedule is available now online through Catalogers Desktop, so we will begin use of it immediately.

Questions? Ask Mary

The official LC Cataloging Policy and Support Office press release:


As of Thursday, May 10, 2007 a new edition of class M of the Library of Congress Classification has replaced the previous online version in Classification Web. The online version of LCC is the official edition, and all LC catalogers of classified materials are required to use it. A print version of the schedule will also be
published in summer 2007, but printed schedules are now regarded as a convenience for browsing, as they are never current. The online schedules are now updated overnight.

A new outline of class M has also been prepared. It is available on the CPSO home page .
The new outline will be included in the next cumulative print edition of LC Classification Outline (expected publication date not yet set).

The new edition of class M, which incorporates all changes made to the 1998 edition through May 1, 2007, is virtually the same structurally as the 1998 edition. So there are no major changes in where materials are classified, with one exception: geographic subclasses, which occur many places in subclass ML, which formerly provided poorly for certain regions and countries, notably Central and South America. Most of these sections have been reworked to provide the same kind of arrangement given most of the other areas of the world, first a class captioned General, and then a hierarchy, *By region or country, A-Z.* As a result, some classes where both general works and works devoted to particular regions and countries have until now been mixed together have, in the new edition, been overlaid with the separation between general works and an alphabetized arrangement of the rest, the standardized grouping. There has also been a slight revision of hierarchies in subclass ML for manuscripts and for works about sacred music by denomination.

Other features of the new edition are:

* Updated captions and better alignment of classes within major hierarchies

* Many more notes under individual classification numbers and spans of numbers explaining how they are to be used, and more references between classes

* Inclusion of hundreds of classification numbers not previously published. These include geographic breakdowns for secular vocal music and topics of songs in subclass M; types of dictionaries and geographic breakdowns for literature about music in subclass ML; and numbers for instructional techniques for instruments and specific playing techniques in subclass MT

* All known obsolete classes are included, a retrospective feature not previously provided in any schedule. Some obsolete numbers appear in the traditional way, as parenthesized numbers in the schedule
proper, but most are shown in a second range of tables (labeled MZ) in which obsolete class numbers are grouped by major hierarchy. References to the tables of obsolete numbers are provided at appropriate places in the schedule. By incorporating obsolete numbers, this edition of Class M is now effectively a cumulative history of this schedule since its first publication in 1904. As additional copies of annotated older editions of class M are discovered and deposited in CPSO, classification changes they record that have not yet been incorporated online will continue to be added, so that the retrospective aspect of the schedule can be further refined

* Information that formerly appeared in a separate "Glossary and General Guidelines" section is now incorporated into the schedule

* References to expansion tables (the first range of tables, labeled M) are now provided next to the caption of every class to which such a table applies. The span of decimal subdivisions a number occupies once the table is applied is now displayed as well. As a result, the problem of inadvertently assigning overlapping Cutter
numbers for adjacent classes should be eliminated

* Revised index incorporates more Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) vocabulary

Users of LCC have had access to the front matter of the printed editions in Catalogers Desktop. The new preface for class M has now been incorporated into the Desktop.

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January 12, 2007

New Music Division Chief at LC!

Hot off the wire:

Susan Vita Appointed Chief of the Library of Congress Music Division

Susan Vita has been appointed chief of the Library of Congress Music Division. In coming to the Division, she leaves the post of chief of Special Materials Cataloging Division, which she held from December 1996 until becoming acting chief of Music in June 2005.

Deanna Marcum, Associate Librarian for Library Services, announced Vita's appointment. "Sue Vita came to the Music Division over a year ago as the interim chief. It was quickly apparent that she inspired staff, relied on their expertise to make decisions about future directions and brought fresh and creative approaches to the division's mission. Sue has already breathed new life and energy into the Music Division. I am delighted to appoint her to the permanent position."

Vita commented on the challenges the Division faces: "Foremost is a greater emphasis on our Web sites and the expansion of our digitization efforts. Of course, we will continue to focus on developing our collection and on improving access to its contents. We also are moving forward actively with expanded outreach efforts that include partnerships with outside institutions, organizations, and other libraries."

Other goals include the renovation of the Performing Arts Reading Room and consolidation with the Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division reading rooms. Vita also is spearheading the efforts of the Division's Concert Office producers and music specialists to expand the Library of Congress concert series.

"I look forward to working with the Division's superb staff in accomplishing these important objectives. Above all, public service and outreach are paramount in our plans for the Division's future," Vita said.

During her tenure as acting head of the Music Division, Vita facilitated major initiatives such as the 'Song of America" tour featuring baritone Thomas Hampson; the creation and launch of the Performing Arts Encyclopedia; and the release of Great Conversations in Music, a four-part television program celebrating Eugene Istomin and some of the world's most renowned artists. She also was instrumental in the acquisition of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Archive.

Vita has served the Library in various leadership roles, including serving as chief of six different divisions or programs since she joined the Library in March 1976. Her first assignment was head of the Cataloging in Publication program, where she greatly increased the number of participating publishers. Since that time, she has served as chief of the MARC Editorial Division, the Social Sciences Cataloging Division and the Whole Book Cataloging Project, which led to the complete reorganization of the 800-person Cataloging Directorate. Most recently, she was chief of Special Materials Cataloging, the division that handles sound recordings, music and manuscripts, computer files and e-resources, and diverse rare materials.

Since 1996, Vita has been active in the Music Library Association and is currently serving as the Library of Congress representative to its Bibliographic Control Committee.

The Music Division holds more than 500 special collections in music, theater and dance, with close to 20 million items, including music and literary manuscripts, scores, music literature and periodicals, microforms, and copyright deposits.

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January 11, 2007

Proposal to change AACR2 5.5B1

The Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access (CC:DA) will consider a proposal from the Music Library Association to change AACR2 5.5B1 (Extent of item for notated music) and Glossary description of "score" at the upcoming ALA Midwinter meeting.

MLA is proposing to eliminate the "p. of music/v. of music/leaves of music" currently used for notated music not in score format (chiefly music for solo instruments or voice) in favor of using "score" for all notated music. This would necessitate a change in the glossary definition of score as well. Any change that might be made would not take effect until Resource Description and Access is published.

Click here to read the proposal.
Questions? Ask Mary

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August 16, 2006

MLA Chapter meeting in Milwaukee

The Midwest Chapter of the Music Library Association will hold its annual meeting in Milwaukee October 5-7. From the official announcement:

The conference hotel will be The Pfister. The grand dam of hotels in Milwaukee, dating to the late 19th Century, it is located in the middle of downtown within easy walking access to pretty much everything including many wonderful restaurants, the new Milwaukee Public Market, and the lakefront.The rate will be $149 + tax for single/double. Phone 1-800-558-8222 and mention the Music Library Association Midwest Chapter to get the conference rate.

I realize that this is somewhat more than we normally pay for chapter meetings, but I'm hoping that the prime location and the glorious decor and recently renovated rooms (not to mention the number of free meeting spaces we're getting out of it if we fill our alloted rooms!) will make it worth your while to attend.

Because the hotel rate is higher than normal, we have decided to keep the registration fee relatively low at $60 for regular members, $30 for students/retirees. Registration will be done through AR Editions, they are preparing the webform now and we will send out a notice when it is available.

The opening reception will be held on Thursday evening in the Cafe Rouge, with entertainment by the Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra - the oldest extant Mandolin Orchestra in the US, they have appeared twice on Prairie Home Companion in 2006.

Friday evening will be on-your-own to explore Milwaukee, although there will be a "First Friday" at the glorious Milwaukee Art Museum. First Friday normally costs $20/person and includes live music and food. An interest check-off will be on your reservation form and if there is enough interest I will contact the Museum to see if we can get a reduced group rate.

For those of you who like early music and can stick around on Saturday evening, the Newberry Consort will be giving the opening concert in Milwaukee's early music presenting organization Early Music Now's 20th Anniversary season. The program, being planned by the Newberry in honor of EMN's 20th Anniversary -they were the inaugural ensemble for EMN and it also marks their 20th Anniversary- is called "Music for Signs and Seasons."

It will take place at the Helene Zelazo Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. An early 20th Century Synagogue that the University converted into a performance venue in 2002 (information on the dedication is available here). In addition to the concert, there will be a display of the artwork donated by local artists for the Early Music Now Silent Art Auction which will take place at the November concert by the Spritus Collective.

Reduced-rate tickets will be available for this, just check this off on the reservation form.

Please feel free to contact Rebecca Littman if you have any questions.

I hope you will be able to join us, I think you'll enjoy Milwaukee - which is on the National Trust for Historic Preservation's list of Dozen Distinctive Destinations (with the Pfister mentioned specifically as one reason!).

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July 26, 2006

Ex Libris Acquired by Francisco Partners

From the latest American Libraries Direct:

AL blogger Andrew Pace welcomes speculation on this automation news: “It might not be the ‘continued consolidation’ of the ILS market that has been predicted by many, including me, but it’s clearly a step in that direction. Ex Libris Group announced early this morning (not quite as early in Jerusalem, where the company is headquartered) that it will be acquired by Francisco Partners, ‘one of the world’s largest technology-focused private equity funds.’?...
Hectic Pace, July 26

Stay tuned to see what this might mean for us!!

Read Hectic Pace
Read news release by Ex Libris
Read about Francisco Partners

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July 14, 2006

New Publication from MLA/Scarecrow Press

"Bibliographic Control of Music, 1897-2000" by Richard Smiraglia, edited and compiled with J. Bradford Young has just been published by MLA/Scarecrow Press. According to the blurb on Scarecrow's website, this volume "illuminates both the history and the future of the profession."

There is also a link to the table of contents; one can only hope that the typo in the title of the introductory essay only appears on the website as it would be most unfortunate to have this typo occur in a book targeted to CATALOGERS!!

I look forward to delving into this volume, and the bibliography of the "ca. 1,000 periodical and monographic citations relevant to the organization of music in libraries"...

The details:
Smiraglia, Richard P. and J. Bradford Young. Bibliographic Control of Music, 1897-2000 (MLA Index and Bibliography Series, no. 32) Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2006. 160 pp. ISBN: 0-8108-5133-4 $40.00

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July 3, 2006

RDA Prototype Announcement

From RDA-L:

RDA: Resource Description and Access is a new cataloguing code for the digital world. Built on the foundation established by AACR2, RDA will provide a comprehensive set of guidelines and instructions on resource description and access covering all types of content and media. RDA’s first release is anticipated in mid-2008 in an online format.

While the Joint Steering Committee for AACR and the RDA Editor have been concentrating on the content of RDA, the Co-Publishers (the American Library Association, the Canadian Library Association, and the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) have been developing the online product. To that end, they have created a prototype for RDA Online.

The Co-Publishers have made this prototype available for you to view.
This is the same prototype that has been demonstrated to several focus groups and individual during the last two American Library Association conferences.

Some suggestions for viewing the prototype:

First, the prototype is available for viewing in four versions depending on resolution with sound and without sound (eye-readable text). Depending on your internet connection, the audio version in particular might take a few minutes to load, so please be patient.

Second, the prototype is a snapshot, created for you to view and assess the functionality of the software and not the content of the RDA rules. When viewing the prototype, please focus on it as an online tool rather than critiquing the rules that have been included as examples.

Finally, a short questionnaire has been attached to the prototype. We are very eager to receive your impressions of the prototype, to know if we’re on the right track in its development. Please take the opportunity to fill out the questionnaire. Let us hear from you while we’re in this early stage of development

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January 31, 2006

CSBs to be available free!

Cataloging Service Bulletin will be available free of charge as pdf files for issues published after 1 January 2006. Here's the notice that appeared at the CDS website:

The following publications will be available as free PDF files beginning with issues published after January 1, 2006:

Cataloging Service Bulletin
Updates to Library of Congress Rule Interpretations
Updates to Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings
Updates to CONSER Editing Guide
Updates to CONSER Cataloging Manual
Updates to MARC 21 format documentation

As always, the traditional paper publications will continue to be available by paid subscription.

Based on our experiences offering PDF versions of these selected publications throughout 2006, CDS may decide to offer additional titles in PDF format. We based these decisions on the results of the Cataloging Documentation Survey that CDS conducted this past summer and on production and business models.

In the months to come, will post updated information about accessing the PDF versions as they become available.

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January 27, 2006

RDA Update

Just a reminder that the draft of Part I of Resource Description and Access is available for public view at the JSC webpage. Chapter 3 of Part I is now available as well, but without the list of general/specific material designations (GMD/SMDs). More information, including an FAQ is available.

There is a discussion list to informally discuss RDA. To subscribe to the RDA-L discussion list (Resource Description and Access):

Send an e-mail to the following address:

In the body of the message:
Subscribe RDA-L Firstname Lastname

Questions? Contact Mary

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January 26, 2006

MLK Concert

From the Brief:

In spirit: Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

On Sunday, February 5, jazz singer Bruce Henry will join the U's African Music Ensemble and a cappella group 7 DAYS in the Ted Mann Concert Hall on the Twin Cities campus to celebrate the life and achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The free concert, "From Every Voice," will begin at 4 p.m. On Monday, February 6, King's son, Martin Luther King III, will present "My Father's Dream, My Mission" at 7:30 p.m. in the Great Hall of Coffman Union. King will address hallmarks of his father's vision such as the fight against poverty and speak about his plans to implement his father's ideas in today's society. Tickets are $15 ($10 for U students) and are available at the Coffman Information Desk; call 612-624-INFO to learn more.

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January 17, 2006

New shelves in the Music Library

From Tuesday's Monday Memo:

Thanks to Sharon Folk and Dave Ashley, complicated audio-visual shelving units were erected in the Music School just in time for us to fill them before Spring semester begins. Dave's crew worked extremely diligently together and appeared to be tireless. These folks have courtesy down to a fine art as well. In alphabetical order let me praise crew members John Barkman, Damien Hanson, Sarah Klein, Dave Olsen, Philip Rooney, and Mike Tabor. Many thanks to all.
-- Al Lathrop, Music Library

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December 13, 2005

RDA Part I Draft Available!

This announcement about Resource Description and Access (RDA) appeared on AUTOCAT this morning:

The Joint Steering Committee for Revision of AACR (JSC) is pleased to
announce that the draft of RDA part I has been made available for comment.
Please see the following Web page for the draft and details on making

This page also contains links to a number of new and revised documents
mentioned in the cover letter to the draft.

The JSC is aware of the high level of interest in RDA amongst resource
description communities, and so has set up an open RDA discussion list for
issues related to the development of RDA.

Questions? Contact Mary

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November 15, 2005

RDA Update

Summaries of the recent Joint Steering Committee meeting in October are now available on the JSC Web site:

There is a brief executive summary describing the progress on Resource Description and Access (RDA) as well as a more detailed "Outcomes" document.

Of interest to music catalogers:

- The JSC intends to make the Draft of Part 1 of RDA publicly available on its Web site in December.

- In RDA, information on Type of score (currently the Musical Presentation Statement) will be able to be taken from any source. Currently, this information can only be included in the bib record if the information appears on the chief source of information (title page, or designated substitute).

Questions? Ask Mary

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September 26, 2005

Upcoming JSC Meeting

The Joint Steering Committee for Revision of AACR (Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules) will meet in London, U.K., from Monday October 10 to Friday October 14, 2005

A draft agenda of the meeting is available.

The meeting will begin with a discussion on the RDA Prospectus, and the objectives and principles for RDA. (note: Resource Description and Access is the working title of the replacement for AACR)

Also to be discussed will be (selective list):

--A preliminary report from the GMD/SMD (General material designation/Specific material designation) Working Group

--A proposal to eliminate the musical presentation statement area

Discussion on part II of RDA will focus on revisions to the special rules in AACR2 chapter 21. In May 2005 the JSC Chair issued a call to the constituencies for proposals to simplify AACR2 chapter 21 special rules for (selective list):

--musical works (21.18-21.22)
--art works (21.16-21.17)

A full description of the meeting may be viewed at the JSC webpage.

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August 9, 2005

News from Library of Congress

From the latest LC Cataloging Newsline (vol. 13 no. 11 August 2005):

Music Cataloging

Bronislawa Nijinska Collection. Manuscripts in the Music
Division have been identified for description and access by an
expert Russian cataloger in the Special Materials Cataloging
Division. These manuscripts are an important collection of Russian
dance material and they contain, among many other items, early 20th
century diaries, letters, and notebooks of Stravinsky and Nijinsky.

CD Workflow

A new workflow for compact discs has been implemented
employing manual copy and brief cataloging performed by technicians
and related authority control performed by catalogers. For non-
roman languages, a brief template was devised for descriptive
completion by language experts in the Special Materials or Regional
and Cooperative cataloging divisions.

"I Hear America Singing"

The Special Materials Cataloging Division and the Music
Division have agreed on a plan to provide bibliographic access for
the items on the IHAS Web site
[August 2005].
The Web site will effectively become an adjunct LC catalog for
printed music that celebrates the diversity of the American
performing arts.

Iranian Sound Recording Collection

The Special Materials Cataloging Division is beginning to
catalog a representative selection of all genres of Persian music
from 1950 to 1980 that have been banned from being played or
performed in Iran.


A workflow has been devised to deal with the many under- and
un-cataloged long-playing records dating from the late 1940s
through the 1980s in the Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded
Sound Division. State-of-the-art inventory control will be
performed so that users can access all LPs in future years.

"Whole Music" librarian pilot

A pilot has been announced and is in the planning stage
involving selected Music Division reference staff and Special
Materials Cataloging Division music catalogers with the ultimate
aim of enhancing their reference and cataloging perspectives.

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August 2, 2005

More New Music Services!

U offers a deal on digital tunes

A University of Minnesota-sponsored music-download service will soon let students transfer digital tunes to their portable music players provided these aren't Apple Computer's iPods, the most popular such players by far. The entertainment service will be offered this fall in a deal with Ruckus, a Herndon, Va.-based tech firm. The Ruckus service joins RealNetworks' Rhapsody music-download service at the U as the institution tries to combat illegal file downloading by providing legal, affordable alternatives. The school is among dozens of U.S. colleges and universities that are teaming with the likes of Napster and Cdigix to set up on-campus music and movie services, which are intended to entice students away from music and movie piracy. Here's the story from the
Pioneer Press

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July 8, 2005

New Music Streaming Services

From the Monday Memo Friday supplement:

Classical Music Streaming Available

As of July 1, all students and staff with e-mail accounts on the Twin Cities campus have unrestricted access to two classical music audio streaming services. They can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, either on-campus or off-campus at the following URLs, which will soon be added to the LUMINA Research QuickStart pages for Music and Music Education. They are available at the bottom of the Libraries LUMINA main page, under "New Resources."

Classical Music Library
Naxos Music Library

It is anticipated that a third audio streaming service devoted exclusively to American music will be available later this month. Another announcement will follow at that time.

To facilitate on-campus use of these audio streaming services, the Music Library is adding several computers to its listening area this summer. A number of classrooms in Ferguson Hall have also been wired for Internet access this summer and will have computers added to them so that audio streaming can be used for instructional purposes.

These developments were made possible by an InfoTech Fees Grant from the College of Liberal Arts. We in the Music Library are very pleased to be able to offer these service enhancements to the University community. Happy listening!

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June 21, 2005

Farewell MCDs!

Watch the LCRIs for future AACR2 rule interpretations regarding music!

The Cataloging Policy and Support Office of the Library of Congress has announced that the Music Cataloging Decisions (MCDs) have been absorbed into the Library of Congress Rule Interpretations (LCRI) beginning with LCRI 2005 Update no. 1. That update incorporates the MCDs retrospectively, including minor modifications and deletion of obsolete decisions.

The June issue of the Music Cataloging Bulletin includes a complete list of MCDs now incorporated in the LCRIs.

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MARBI proposal 2005-08

Proposal 2005-08 deals with changes to accommodate IAML coded data in bibliographic fields 008/18-19, 047, and 048. These fields describe form, genre, and medium of performance in coded form.

The proposal would provide an alternative expanded list of codes than the list currently in use, which has not been revised since the early 1990s. For example, reggae is currently coded as "rc" (rock music) and in the proposed list would have its own code. The same would be true for world and folk musics, also currently underserved. The medium of performance code list would also offer more specific information, especially useful for percussion, world or early musics.

The complete text of Proposal 2005-08 can be found at the MARC webpage, and is currently open for discussion. It will be discussed at the upcoming OLAC meeting at the ALA annual conference in Chicago.

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June 13, 2005

Database of Recorded American Music Trial

From the Monday Memo:

New E-Resources
Now available via LUMINA and MNCAT:
* Trials

Current trials include:
- DRAM (Database of Recorded American Music, a streaming resource)

DRAM is an online subscription service, offering on-demand streaming access of complete musical works. There are currently over 1200 CDs (7,500 compositions) drawn mainly from the varied catalogs of New World Records. (Other labels represented include CRI, Albany, innova, and Cedille, and others). DRAM is a partnership between New York University and New World Records.

The trial runs through 31 July 2005. Information on how to access DRAM and a feedback link are posted on the Trials page.

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June 2, 2005

Music News from the U of MN Brief

A NEW COLLABORATION OF THE SCHOOL OF MUSIC AND THE SAINT PAUL CHAMBER ORCHESTRA, announced May 18, will include a shared director of orchestral conducting studies, a doctoral track in orchestral studies, and a weeklong contemporary composers festival. Click here for more information.


SHOWBOAT TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE: The U of M Showboat Players will present Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Ernest on the Minnesota Centennial Showboat. June 17-Aug. 27, Harriet Island, St. Paul. Click here for more information or here for tickets, or phone 651-227-1100.

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April 28, 2005

Music of America on Paper

The Rare Book School (University of Virginia) is offering a workshop this summer titled The Music of America on Paper. Don Krummel will be teaching this workshop 13-17 June 2005 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

From the brochure: "An historical introduction intended both for those with institutional responsibilities for American printed music, and for collectors, performers, and scholars with a personal or professional interest in the subject." Topics include engraving and printing of sheet music, illustrating music covers, bibliographical description, distribution, preservation, and more.

For further information, click here.

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March 21, 2005

Happy Birthday, JSB!

jsb portrait.jpeg

Since Johann Sebastian Bach and I happen to share a birthday, I thought I'd offer a few favorite sites...

The first site is the "J.S. Bach Home Page" that features a wealth of information, from the biographical section complete with travel guide and timeline to record reviews.

The Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Institut Gttingen site is an authoritative source on all things Bach. Only the "Quellen-Katalog (Sources of J.S. Bach's Works)" section is in English, however. The American Bach Society website offers their "Bach Notes" newsletter along with information on the Society, grants and prizes, and an image gallery. Several other Bach organizations have websites as well.

The cleverly-titled "Bach Central Station," is a classified list of around 300 links to various Bach-related web pages. The Internet Movie Database gives a list of over 300 movies using Bach's music.

Finally, the BBC offers a nifty "Bach in one minute" profile along with recommended recordings, books, and a few sound clips.

Happy 320th, JSB!!

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March 17, 2005

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Whether your taste runs to traditional or contemporary Irish music, there are many web resources available. Here are just two to start your journey:

o The Contemporary Music Centre Ireland contains information about Irish composers, articles on Irish music, an event calendar, and a monthly featured composer and recording.

o The Traditional Music Archive is a Dublin-based multimedia resource that covers Irish traditional song, music, and dance.

There are several resources available in the Music Library as well. Here are just a few selections (the library call number is given in parentheses):

The Companion to Irish Traditional Music (ML101.I73 V35 1999)
Irish Classical Recordings: A Discography of Irish Art Music (Ref ML156.2.K54 2001)
Irish Musical Studies (ML3799.I75 1990)
Passing It On: The Transmission of Music in Irish Culture (ML287.M32x 1999)

Oh, and that tune you've been hearing all's probably "Irish Tune from County Derry," more commonly known as "Danny Boy." The Music Library has several recordings of it, ranging from the traditional Percy Grainger arrangement (CD-6160) to a nifty percussion arrangement by the group Woof! (CD-10899).



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March 11, 2005

Minnesota Music in the News

Several articles related to music in Minnesota have recently appeared...

The first article is a review of Domenick Argento's Catalogue raisonne as memoir: a composer's life (University of Minnesota Press) that first appeared in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune (and is currently available at This book is available at the Music Library (ML410.A687 A3 2004).

Another article, from the rival Pioneer Press, is also available from In "The Orchestra as Cover Band" critic Matt Peiken gives his ideas about "how rock may hold the key to making classical music relevant again." Although we don't have the Beethoven discs discussed in the article, we have several other recordings by the Minnesota Orchestra in the Music Library.

Finally, in today's Star-Tribune, Chris Riemenschneider talks about the production of the soundtrack to "Minnesota: a history of the land." The television series was co-produced by Twin Cities Public Television and the University of Minnesota, and is available at several University Libraries locations.


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MLA Vancouver wrap-up

Some reports from the recent Music Library Association meeting in Vancouver have been posted to the Technical Services webpage. These reports are mainly concerned with music cataloging-related topics.

General information from the conference will be covered in the next issue of the Music Library Association Newsletter. Live updates from the conference appeared on the "Infoshare: the Weblog of the Information Sharing Subcommittee of the Reference and Public Services Committee of the Music Library Association". There is a possibility that some session presentations or handouts would be available either through the 2005 Conference website, or the MLA Clearinghouse.

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February 19, 2005

Farewell to Vancouver

Well, it's almost over!

We've attended lots of great programs the last few days. The session and poster on reorganization showed us that we're not the only ones! Particularly interesting was the presentation on the Library and Archives Canada merger.

Our poster session on our blogs was a great success as well. We had many people stop by and ask questions. I neglected in my previous post to mention the conference blog.

Well, off to another full day of sessions on the "4-Rs" (RILM, RISM, RIPM, RIDiM), the Technical Services roundtable, the Aleph Music Users Group, and whatever else can be squeezed in! The exhibits close at noon, so this is likely the last conference post.

See you on Monday!!

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February 17, 2005

MLA News: Plenary Session I

The opening plenary session was devoted to libraries and commercial online music. The speakers included Tim Lloyd of Alexander Street Press (which recently acquired Classical Music Library), Justin Baker of Naxos, and Amanda Maple from Penn State. Amanda's presentation was about Penn State's experience with providing Napster for students, and how the digital music is being integrated into teaching. The other presenters told us more about commercial digital music, from their perspectives as providers.

Since there's a line of people waiting to get online, I'll sign off for now and hopefully post another update tomorrow morning!

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February 16, 2005

We're Here!

We made it to Vancouver!

We're posting this from the Music Library Association opening reception and hope to make some periodic updates through Saturday.

Now it's off to see what the vendor exhibits have to offer, and to grab a bite to eat!

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February 9, 2005

LC to Provide Machine-Generated Contents Notes

An announcement from the AUTOCAT discussion list from David Williamson of LC.

Machine-generated Contents Notes

On February 1, 2005, the Library of Congress will begin enriching
bibliographic records with scanned table of contents data in field 505,
adding information that was previously available only via 856 links. The
505 data will be generated from the table of contents information and
supplied by computer program. It will be preceded by the legend:
"Machine-generated contents note:" The 505 indicators for these
machine-generated notes will be set to '8' (No display constant generated)
and blank (Basic; single occurrence of subfield $a).

Since the scanned table of contents come in a wide variety of formats and
structures, some errors are to be expected in the placement and
configuration of the 505 textual strings. Space, hyphen, hyphen, space
will be inserted after each line break within the table of contents.
Chapter and page numbers will appear as captured from the scanned table of
contents images. The 505 data will not undergo review for punctuation.
Below is a sample 505:

505 8 $aMachine-generated contents note: PREFACE 1. Probability -- 1.1
Introduction 1 -- 1.2 Algebra of Sets 2 -- 1.3 Properties of Functions 5
-- 1.4 Matrix Algebra 13 -- 1.5 Three Approaches 16 -- 1.6 Conditional
Probability and Independence of Events 39 -- 1.7 Geometric Probability 48
-- 1.8 Miscellaneous Examples 54 -- Exercises 73 2. Univariate
Distribution -- 2.1 Random Variable 80 -- 2.2 Expectation, Variance and
Moments 89 -- 2.3 Moment Generating Function 104 -- 2.4 Characteristic
Function and Cumulants 106 -- 2.5 Some Standard Discrete Distributions 100
-- 2.6 Some Standard Continuous distributions 128 -- 2.7 Transformation of
Variables 143 -- 2.8 Miscellaneous Examples 153 -- Exercises 175 3.
Bivariate Distribution -- 3.1 Joint, Marginal and Conditional
Distributions 188 -- 3.2 Moments, Conditional Moments 200 -- 3.3
Correlation and Regression 209 -- 3.4 Transformation of Variables 215 --
3.5 Bivariate Normal Distribution 228 -- 3.6 Bivariate Dirichlet
Distribution 235 -- 3.7 Miscellaneous Examples 237 4. Multivariate
Distributions -- 4.1 Different Aspects of a Multivariate Distribution 258
-- 4.2 2, t and F-Distributions 281 -- 4.3 Correlation and Regression 296
-- 4.4 Some Standard Multivariate Distributions 309 4.5 Order Statistics
320 -- 4.6 Some Notions of Dependence 339 -- 4.7 Results on Symmetrization
348 -- 4.8 Miscellaneous Examples 353 -- Exercises 368 5. Limit theorems
-- 5.1 Chebyshev's Inequality 384 -- 5.2 Other Useful Inequalities 390 --
5.3 Convergence in Distribution 403 -- 5.4 Convergence in Probability 411
-- 5.5 The Laws of Large Numbers 419 -- 5.6 Central Limit Theorems 429 --
5.7 Miscellaneous Examples 438 -- Exercises 456

LC records with existing 856 links to table of contents texts will be
batched processed, modified and redistributed on a daily basis until all
of the approximately 60,000 records containing links from the 856 to LC's
web-based dTOC (digital table of contents) records are enhanced. The 856
links to the dTOCs will remain in the records.

The above sample was created while testing, and has not yet gone in a
record, but it will soon. To see actual samples, you can search the LC
catalog at for the following LC control numbers:

The idea isn't to provide a perfect TOC for descriptive purposes as much
as to provide additional keyword access to the book record. With the TOCs
on the web, only those searching by the search engines might hit on the
keywords when the TOC files are indexed. Now, with the keywords in the
record, users of the catalog will have an increased chance of finding
useful information by natural language keywords.

Using the 653 field was considered, but it was determined that using the
505 would be a better approach for this purpose since the data do reflect
the contents of the book as well as providing keyword access

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January 28, 2005

News from LC's annual report

Music items of interest excerpted from the Annual Report
of the Library of Congress Bibliographic Access Divisions for the
Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 2004

Music cataloging policy

The Music and Sound Recording Teams I and II and CPSO began a project to input the biography class number (ML410-ML429 in the LC Classification) and the specific cutter number into the 053 field of the name authority record NAR). Including these 053 fields will save cataloging time, not only at LC, but for other libraries that capture information for the authority records; they resolve problems of duplicate cutters or duplicate classes that may have been used for a person or group over the more than 100 years that class M has been in existence; and they can be used as links from the class number in the
authority record to the online shelflist. During the pilot period, name authority records with these 053 fields were distributed to MARC Distribution Service subscribers.

Cataloging Production and Arrearage Reduction

Bibliographic Access staffprocessed 1,600 discs from the collection of AFRTS (Armed Forces Radio and Television Service) broadcasts this year, bringing total
processing in this project to 120,459 items cleared. Cataloging of the Document Record Collection of more than 800 blues, jazz, boogie-woogie, gospel, and country music titles was completed. A total of 45,397 compact discs was processed during the year. The Dayton C. Miller Flute Collection, which includes approximately 1,700 woodwind instruments as well as thousands of books, prints and photographs, printed music, patents, trade catalogs, autographs, and correspondence from wind instrument manufacturers,
was cataloged using collection-level records. The Library of Congress Moldenhauer Archives of 3,600 items related to Western music history and the 15,000-item Charles Mingus Collection also received collection-level cataloging.

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January 26, 2005

New MWMLA Scholarship

The Midwest Chapter of the Music Library Association has recently established the Leslie Ann Troutman Scholarship for Library Paraprofessionals and Support Staff. This scholarship provides support for attendance at Chapter meetings by library paraprofessionals and support staff. Applicants must be currently employed by a library within the Midwest Chapter region (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin) and a member in good standing of the Midwest Chapter.

The scholarship is named in honor of the late Leslie Troutman, who served as Music User Services Coordinator at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Leslie helped build a national reputation for the music reference service, and served as mentor to many aspiring music library students.

The Midwest Chapter's next meeting will be held 20-22 October 2005 in Lexington, Kentucky. Prospective scholarship applicants should check the Midwest Chapter website for details.

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December 20, 2004

MARBI Proposal 2004-5 Update

The 2004 Annual MARBI Meeting minutes are now available online.

The minutes include discussion and decision on Proposal 2004-05: Changes Needed to Accommodate RISM DataMusic Incipits.

Paul Cauthen (MLA) introduced the paper which proposes defining field 031 (Musical incipits information) in the authority and bibliographic formats to contain information needed for encoding RISM incipits. After much discussion, Karen Coyle moved to accept the proposal as written with the following additions: subfield $y (Link text) and subfield $z (Public note) to enhance the display of the URI coded in subfield $u (URI). Adam Schiff (ALCTS) seconded the motion. The vote was 7-1 in favor of the proposal as amended.

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November 29, 2004


Last Sunday was a sad day "south of the river"--it was the last broadcast day for WCAL, the St. Olaf College radio station. Despite the station's 82-year history, it was recently sold to Minnesota Public Radio. Emotions ran high on that last afternoon, as host Stephanie Wendt took calls and played musical selections in honor of various staff members. It's been a long week for the rest of us listeners, adjusting to the simulcast of more programs like "Composer's Cafe," or "Sing for Joy" (I mean, where else could one hear handbells on the radio? certainly not KSJN!)

R.I. P., WCAL!

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November 19, 2004

Music Librarianship featured in American Libraries

Music librarianship is the cover story for the November issue of American Libraries!

The section begins on p. 34 with a general article by Paula Elliot (Washington State University).

Other articles in the section include "Variations on a Technology Theme," highlighting a unique collection at MIT; "Symphony in Nothing Flat," and "Concerto in Solo Cello," describing collections at the Eastman Audio Archive and University of North Carolina at Greensboro, repectively; "Movement Without Strings," recounting Loyola University's experience in integrating a branch library into the main library; and "The Composition of a Music Librarian," outlining what it takes to become a music librarian (namely, background in music and training as a librarian!)

The articles are available online in a .pdf version via EBSCOHost; click here for the issue's index.

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November 5, 2004

Music Library Association to meet in Vancouver

The Music Library Association's 74th annual meeting will be held 16-20 February 2005 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Plenary sessions will be devoted to audio streaming and downloading, and reorganization and the music librarian. Roundtable and committee-sponsored sessions round out the schedule. The preliminary program is available at the conference website.

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November 4, 2004

Classical Music Library Acquired by Alexader Street Press

From the Library Journal Academic News Wire: November 04, 2004

Alexander Street Press yesterday announced the acquisition
of the library music reference service Classical Music
Library. Classical Music Library, an increasingly popular
resource for libraries, contains tens of thousands of
licensed web-based recording tracks cross-referenced to a
database of supplementary reference information. Alexander
Street Press officials said the acquisition would help
integrate audio capabilities to their text and image-based
humanities collections. The Press plans to continue to
grow the existing Classical Music Library service, and
will also use the newly-acquired music platform to create
new collections--both music services and new collections
that combine music, text, and images. "Libraries will be
the big winners, as we launch new and expanded projects
that bring together all of these elements," said Stephen
Rhind-Tutt, president of Alexander Street. Tim Lloyd, CEO
of Classical International, will join Alexander Street
Press, as will Roger Press, who has been in charge of
developing content for Classical Music Library. Press will
continue in that role. More information is available here

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September 1, 2004

U of M students gain access to online music through RealNetworks

Students at the University of Minnesota and at the University of California-Berkeley will have access to the Rhapsody Internet jukebox service through a pilot program that begins this fall.
Students can sign up for the service through the TechMart web site, and a two week free trial is available.

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August 27, 2004

Music at the Olympics

Here's a link to an article in the Washington Post about the arrangements of the national anthems at the Olympics.

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August 24, 2004

All about online music

Here's a link to a series of special articles about the "online music revolution." In addition to the articles, there are links to an online music knowledge quiz, history of recording technology, and where to find digital music.

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Upcoming Conferences

Here's a list of upcoming music library-related conferences and meetings:

Online Audiovisual Catalogers biennial meeting, 1-3 October 2004, Montreal

Keynote speakers include Allyson Carlyle and Guy Teasdale; sessions are devoted to cataloging music scores, cartographic materials on CD-ROM, still and moving images, unpublished oral history materials, and videorecordings, the future of the GMD [general material designation], and form/genre terminology. For more information, see the OLAC webpage (select "Conferences").

Music Library Association Midwest Chapter annual meeting, 7-9 October 2004, St. Louis

Sessions include "Composers, Editors and Publishers, the Interrelationship," "One Hundred Years of Music in St. Louis," "Online Services for Music Librarians," and "Music and the St. Louis Public Library." For more information see the chapter webpage (select "Meetings").

And a little farther out, but still worth mentioning...
Music Library Association annual meeting, 13-20 February 2005, Vancouver, BC
Watch for updates to the program at the Vancouver 2005 meeting site.

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