September 30, 2008

FG workshop at OLAC-MOUG 2008

I attended the Genre-Form workshop given by Janis Young from LC CPSO. The outline of her presentation is available at the conference website.

Young's presentation began with an overview of the process of LC's experiment to develop its system of genre/form headings. The initial projects are devoted to moving images and radio programs--two groups of materials with existing public domain thesauri. Other projects will be done in conjunction with appropriate professional organization (e.g., music in cooperation with the Music Library Association). She then went on to describe various policy decisions made for the projects, including those for headings, references, scope notes, language, and subdivision of headings. Genre/form authority records will be distributed through existing channels (ClassWeb, LC authorities website, MARC Distribution Service, and in the printed LCSH volumes). Cooperative efforts are also underway, with a new SACO pilot that will pave the way for any SACO library to contribute headings.

I'll be posting more specific bits and pieces from the presentation, and will post the link for the presentation slides when that becomes available.

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