May 3, 2010

FG Project Final Report

I've posted the project final report on the project wiki. Many, many thanks for all of your efforts on this project!

As an example of how this data can be used, check out the Media Services webpage--the genre search searches those 655s you've put into the records!

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April 1, 2010

Project Completed!

It may be April 1, but it's no joke--

The Walter SMART Learning Commons Project has officially been declared finished!

Since the project's start in June 2008, form/genre headings have been added to over 6500 records.

Many thanks to all of you who have worked on the project--Carol, Kristi, Jody, Tony, Maribeth, Doris and Lichun. This could not have been done without all of your hard work!!

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July 2, 2009

June Update

I've posted the June update to NetFiles:

193 records: updated
4397 total records: completed
increased access for users: priceless!!

(Pardon the commercial reference, but it IS almost Friday AND a holiday weekend :) )

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May 4, 2009

April Update

During April, 252 records were updated. That means we have completed 4,106 records to date! Well done!!

March 2, 2009

February Update

Project members completed another 243 records this month! Our cumulative total now stands at 3693. Way to go!!

February 3, 2009

Halfway There!!

We've reached (and surpassed!) the project's halfway point!! Pat yourselves on the back :)

During January, there were 474 more records updated, for a total of 3450.


December 19, 2008

OLAC DVD Guide (Updated) Now Available

While not exactly pertinent to the form/genre project, per se, since most of you catalog video, you might be interested in taking a look at this guide!

From the OLAC-List:
The DVD Guide Update Task Force of the Cataloging Policy Committee (CAPC) has completed the document, “Guide to Cataloging DVD and Blu-ray Discs Using AACR2r and MARC 21 (2008 update). The Task Force thanks the cataloging community for sending thoughtful comments, suggestions, and revisions to help make the final document a more useful one and one that is consistent with AACR2 and any recent MARBI recommendations. We extend thanks to CAPC for their review and to Teressa Keenan for placing the document on the OLAC website.

The document is located on the website in the following areas:

CAPC Publications & Training Materials:

CAPC What's New:

OLAC What's New:

The direct link to the document is :

As Chair of the Task Force, I also express appreciation to DVD Guide Update Editors, Marcia Barrett and Julie Moore, the members of the DVD Guide Update Task Force, and members of the original 2002 DVD Cataloging Guide Task Force. You will see their names listed in the Acknowledgments section of the document.

Carolyn Walden, Chair
DVD Guide Update Task Force
University of Alabama at Birmingham

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