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januari 30, 2007

Nintendo DS

So I got a Nintendo DS for Christmas from my fiancee, along with the game Super Mario 64. Before I aquired my DS, I was a healthy happy college student, content to sit at my computer and design the night away. Now I am a game addicted nerd bomber who can't put the damn thing down long enough to get anything done! The object of the game is the same object of all the other mario games- defeat bowser, rescue princess. You start out as Yoshi, who then must complete levels and collect enough stars to rescue the other players. There are 150 stars to be had, but you only need 80 to be able to do the final battle with Bowser. I started playing the DS on December 23rd, and I just earned enough stars to beat bowser last Thursday, February 9th. Ok, I'm not that bad of a player, it just takes alot of time to collect all of those darn stars, and I don't have that much free time...alright, and I'm not that good of a player. If I were to come up with my likes and dislikes of the console, based on my very limited capabilites, I would say that:
I love the way the game fits in my hands, with the buttons and everything perfectly distanced and arranged for easy handling.
I hate the touch pad, because it isn't easy enough for really uncoordinated beginners to use, and I always die when i attempt to use it.
I love the graphics, and the sound- they are clear and bright
I hate that some of the mini games repeat themselves- the same game but an advanced version? No- they are the same exact games!
I love that you have to find the various worlds, and you aren't just following a map
Ok, I'm just being picky, I actually love everything about the DS and I love the game and I am going to be so incredibly sad when I find all 150 stars! I won't know what to do with my "free" time anymore, maybe I'll have to invest in another game!
P.S. I hate the fact that the games for the DS are so damn expensive!

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januari 16, 2007

Login + Week 1

1. What is Interactive Design?

INTERACTIVE: (of a computer program or system) interacting with a human user, often in a conversational way, to obtain data or commands and to give immediate results or updated information; a network simulation language.

DESIGN: to form or conceive in the mind; contrive; plan; to assign in thought or intention.

INTERACTIVE DESIGN, therefore, is the art of forming or conceiving an idea or plan in the mind, and to assign this design in thought or intention by means of a computer program or language.

2. What do you want to learn in the course?

I want to learn some basic programing skills and some skills that will help to to become more computer literate and website savvy
3. What application/programming languages do you know or want to learn?

I only know a little flash and a little HTML, I would like further develop my HTML skills (or lack thereof). However, it would be nice to learn some basics in the other programs as well.