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Blog about a Kiosk you have found... What do you think about it? Pros and Cons?

I found the game kiosks at Logger's Bar and Grill to be very user friendly and accessible. Not to mention they are a good time waster when you are waiting for somebody to show up.
Good catagory separation
Bright colors
records the high scores
games don't have to load
large text so you can read it no matter how much you have to drink
you don't have to stand up while using them
large screen buttons so you don't push something you don't mean to
I have the high score on the pirates triathalon, which is cool.
They are in a bar
Costs money to use them
Don't really have good instructions for playing each game

But you still get to enjoy a beer when you are using them, so I guess that wipes out all the Cons, doesn't it?