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Digital Billboards

Duluth city council is discussing limiting digital billboards. Should digital billboards be regulated?

So, this is the point where I would normally brace technology and say that the limitation of digital billboards is unfair and a violation of some amendment, yada yada yada. However, I just drove through Denver, which has THE WORST digital billboards in the worst places. We drove through close to midnight, and at some points the billboards were so bright that it greatly hindered our driving, especially since we were already overtired. The colors were so bright and the lights were so bright that they became a huge distraction, especially when merging off of entrance ramps. I agree with councilor Andy Thielen of Hermantown:
“There’s a new technology in place that is somewhat intrusive and distracting to the driving public. We want to consider all the bases before continuing.?
However, I do believe that with the proper restrictions in place that the billboards could eventually work well. Some of the restrictions I would include would be limiting the placement of the billboards to straight roads, and not placing them around corners or by ramps, where the bright distraction in the middle of the night could cause drivers to get into accidents. I would also limit either the colors or the brightness of the lights. Yes, the boards will be digital, but that does not mean that they need to have Vegas-like colors. If you subdue the tones, you will still have a big impact on your audience without putting their driving at risk. Anyways, I’m sure with the advancement of technologies that soon all billboards will be electronic, so I’m not going to fight the inevitable. I just think that there should be some smart restrictions, and that they should be consistent from town to town.