A story about North Carolina sex offenders used computer assisted reporting effectively.
The newspaper created a spreadsheet that kept track of judicial decisions regarding sex offenders for a year.
The newspaper also built a database of statistics that were provided by the GPS monitoring system of sex offender's program and found that 41 percent of the offenders were tracked but were not restricted on where they could go.
The newspaper then used the data to create an interactive map that shows where the GPS-monitored sex offenders are living across the state.
The reporter of this story needed to have a firm grasp on database technology and spreadsheets.
He also would have needed to have a significant mathmatical background in order to interpret the statistics and find percentages.
The interactive map would have required the reporter to have a grasp on internet technology as well.

South Korean Vessel Sinks near Antarctica

A South Korean fishing trawler sank Monday near Antarctica and at least five crew members were killed. Seventeen are still missing and 20 had been rescued.
The fishing trawler sank around 6:30 a.m. about 1,000 miles north of Ross Island and about 2,600 miles south of New Zealand, the New York Times said.
New Zealand rescue officials said there was no immediate cause of the sinking and that a distress call had not been placed, the New York Times said.
The ship was based in Busan and carried a crew of 42, the Wall Street Journal said.

Two Injured by Boulders in Hawaii

Two people were injured Sunday by boulders that fell on their home in Hawaii.
The boulders slammed into the back bedroom of the couple's house. The two story house is built at the base of a hill, the New York Times said.
The man had surgery on his leg and the woman had a CAT scan, Hawaii News Now said.
Authorities said that the couple's 10-year-old son was home but was not hurt, the New York Times said.

Fashion Designer Found Dead in New York Hotel

An increasingly popular swimsuit designer was found dead in an overflowing bathtub Thursday in her New York City hotel.
Sylvie Cachay, 33, was found dead with red marks on her neck, a bitemark on her hand, and bloodshot eyes in an overflowing bathroom at her hotel room in the SoHo House, the New York Daily News said.
Cachay, who created the high-end Syla swimwear collection, was discovered by hotel staff after occupants below her room reported water leaking through the ceiling, the Washington Post said.
Cachay had been staying at the exclusive SoHo House for the week because there was a small fire in her apartment bedroom, the Washington Post said.
Cachay's 24-year-old boyfriend of six months, Nicholas Brooks, has been charged with attempted murder and strangulation, the New York Daily News said.
There was not a sign of a struggle in the room and there were prescription bottles found, the Washington Post said.

Home Explodes in Circle Pines

An unoccupied house exploded Friday in Circle Pines from what authorities said might have been a gas leak.
The house, which was foreclosed, was unoccupied at the time of explosion and authorities said no one was injured, the Star Tribune said.
The fire, which was called in at about 1:13 p.m., was under control by 4 p.m. by firefighters, the Pioneer Press said.
The single story house was still standing when firefighters arrived but the roof eventually caved in, the Star Tribune said.
The siding of a neighboring house was melted, the Star Tribune said.

Metrodome Roof Collapses

The Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis collapsed Sunday after Saturday's record blizzard.
The Metrodome's roof caved in as a result of pressure from more than a foot of snow that Minneapolis recieved Saturday, the Star Tribune said.
The Minnesota Vikings and the New York Giants football game that was supposed to happen Sunday has been postponed to Monday night in Detroit's Ford Field instead, the Pioneer Press said.
The University of Minnesota's TCF Bank Stadium would not have worked out for the Vikings game, officials said, because it is not able to be used during the winter, according to the Pioneer Press.
Authorities have said that they are hopeful that the Metrodome will be repaired by the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears game on Dec. 20. The Teflon roof will have to be re-inflated and several damaged panels fixed first, the Star Tribune said.
It is unknown yet if this will affect the Viking's recent push for a new stadium in Minneapolis, the Star Tribune said.

Unabomber's Land for Sale in Montana

The Unabomber Ted Kaczynski's Montana property is up for sale for an asking price of $69,500.
The 1.4-acre spread of land is marketed with the slogan "own a piece of U.S. history," the Toronto Sun said.
The property is described as "obviously secluded" and does not have running water or electricity. Kaczynski was said to be opposed to technology, CBS News said.
The Unabomber is currently serving a life sentence in prison for killing three people and injuring 23 others from mail bombings between 1978 and 1995, the Toronto Sun said.

Elderly Woman Dies after Shark Attack in Red Sea

A 70-year-old German woman died Sunday after a shark attacked her off the coast of the Red Sea's Sharm el-Sheikh resort in Egypt.
The woman, whose name has not been released, died almost instantly because the shark tore off her arm while she was swimming near shore, USA Today said.
The attack was the fifth in a string of shark attacks around the same area within the week. The other attacks resulted in another elderly woman's hand getting torn off and a woman's leg getting torn off, USA Today said.
Sunday's attack came after a 48 hour ban on entering the waters was lifted Saturday. Two sharks had been captured and killed during the ban and authorities were confident that another attack would not happen, the Guardian said.
Environmental experts said that the attacks are occurring as a result of the Red Sea's dwindling ecosystem and overfishing, USA Today said.

Missing Skydiver's Body Found in Southern California

A body found Tuesday in a Perris, Calif. field has been identified as a missing 50-year-old Russian skydiver.
Riverside County coroner officials confirmed that the body discovered was Vladimir Frolov on Saturday, the Post Chronicle said.
Frolov has been missing for about two months after he solo skydived on Sept. 25 over Perris, Calif., USA Today said.
A Perris farmer was plowing his field when he spotted Frolov's decomposing body and two unopened parachutes, the Post Chronicle said.
Frolov's rental car and passport were discovered in the airport parking lot five days after his disappearance and rescue teams were unsuccessful at finding his body, USA Today said.

Man Dies from Falling through Thin Ice

An 81-year-old Le Sueur County man died Thursday after falling through thin ice on Lake Washington.
Edwin Senska initially fell through the ice on his ATV four-wheeler as he was on the lake wanting to fish, the Star Tribune said.
Senska then dismounted the ATV and walked about 15 yards before falling through extremely thin ice, the Pioneer Press said.
Senska lived on the lake close to where he fell through and his neighbors called the police at about 3:10 p.m., the Pioneer Press said.
A dive team entered the water about 45 minutes later and found Senska immediately. He was rushed to the hospital and airlifted to Mayo Clinic in Rochester where he was pronounced dead, the Star Tribune said.
The water where Senska was found was about 12 feet deep, the Star Tribune said.