Analysis: Structure in Story about a Man Locking a Woman in a Dog Kennel

The structure in a story about a man beating and locking his ex-girlfriend in a dog kennel seen in the Star Tribune is a decent example of a martini glass style structure setup.
Because this story is hardnews style, it follows the standard martini glass setup with the inverted pyramid starting with the general lead and descending into more and more specifics.
The inverted pyramid is then followed by a chronological sequence of events throughout the night of the beatings and the story finishes with a description of the woman's injuries and what the man is being charged with.
The reporter uses some colorful verbs throughout the story, but sticks to reporting only the facts that were presumably in the police report.
This story is set up effectively in that it lays out the series of events and the hard facts for the reader.
However, I think the fact that the bulk of the story is a chronological sequence of events is a little too dull for a story this unique. I think the reporter definitely could've summed up the story more interestingly by skipping the chronology.
The reporter also could have finished off the martini glass style better by ending with a kicker quote or some other interesting fact about the night.

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