Analysis: Use of Multimedia in News Stories

The New York Times uses many good examples of multimedia features.
The Times seems to focus a lot on slideshows as it has many different stories with accompanying slideshows right on the front page of the multimedia site.
The Times also has a "Picture of the Day" feature where a new photo is featured daily and interactive features with video and audio as well.
One slideshow featured on the Times multimedia site uses about two sentences per slide and manages to sum up what the photo is as well.
The captions on the slides are condensed and to the point and the slideshow tells a pretty good story in a small amount of space.
USA Today offers similar multimedia features, although I could not locate an actual "Multimedia" page like on the New York Times' website.
USA Today offers similar slideshows, photo galleries, videos, podcasts, audio clips, and interactive features.
One interactive feature about leaves changing colors was interesting and the accompanying news story was written a lot like a feature story about why exactly leaves change colors.
The story was relevant to the interactive feature and was a very informative piece.

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