Car Accident Kills Three

A drunk driver rear-ended a car whose occupants were trying to fix a flat tire on the side of Interstate 39/90 near Madison.
Marcus Johnson, 19, Elysia Rapp, 20, and Wilfredo Ugarte, 23, were killed by Bradley Erickson, 31, who was driving under the influence, the Pioneer Press said.
Two other occupants of the vehicle, Carlos Rios, 20, and an unidentified female, managed to survive the crash, according to the Pioneer Press.
Rios, Johnson, and Ugarte pulled their vehicle over to the side of the road at around 2:39 a.m. to fix a flat tire while Rapp and the unidentified female waited in the car. Just as the men were pulling the spare tire out, an Acura driven by Erickson rear-ended them, the Pioneer Press said.
Both Johnson and Ugarte were members of the University of Minnesota's Spirit Squad, the Wisconsin State Journal said.
Rios was also about to enroll in the University of Minnesota and join the Spirit Squad, according to the Pioneer Press.
Erickson was arrested for operating under the influence after the fatal crash, the Wisconsin State Journal said.

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