Girl Hit by Deer while Running Cross Country Race

A Hortonville cross country runner was hit by a deer Oct. 22 while running a cross country race.
Sarah Glidden, Hortonville's number one cross country runner, was running in a state-qualifying cross country meet Oct. 22 when a deer ran across her path and collided with her, the Pioneer Press said.
Glidden was stunned and spun around when the deer ran into her but managed to maintain her balance and kept running, the Appleton Post Crescent said.
Glidden said she felt fur brush her leg and felt a hoof kick her in the shin. She said she had a bruise from the incident, the Appleton Post Crescent said.
Glidden did not qualify for state because she finished the race in 18th place. Glidden said her time was 17 seconds behind her previous finishing time two weeks earlier, the Pioneer Press said.

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