Judge Allows 17-Year-Olds to Marry without Parental Consent

An Ohio judge allowed two 17-year-olds to marry Tuesday without the pregnant bride's parental consent.
Gabrielle Squeglia, 17, and Dustin Mitchell Goldman, 17, were married by a judge Tuesday who waived the parental consent requirement because Squeglia said she was pregnant and scared her parents would force her into getting an abortion, MSNBC said.
Squeglia's mother said she is outraged about the judge waiving the requirement and said she has not pushed her daughter into an abortion, the Columbus Dispatch said.
Squeglia said she felt that her unborn child was in danger and said that Children Services had been called in the past by Squeglia, her principal, and the school social worker, the Columbus Dispatch said.
The groom's father said he is supportive of the couple and allowed them to move in with him and his wife, the Columbus Dispatch said.

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