Man Kills Wife and Two Children

A Vadnais Heights man was charged Friday for three counts of second degree murder after he killed his wife and two of his children.
Justus Ogendi Kebabe, 43, killed his wife Bilha Omare, 32, and his two children, Kinley Ogendi, 12, and Ivyn Ogendi, 9. The three bodies were found Wednesday, the Star Tribune said.
Omare had been hit over the head with a golf club and then strangled with an electrical wire. The two children were given a cranberry juice and Tylenol PM mixture before Kinley was drowned in the bathtub and Ivyn was smothered with a pillow and strangled, the Pioneer Press said.
Kebabe tried to kill himself in jail Thursday by trying to choke on toilet paper, the Pioneer Press said.
Kebabe was arrested by authorities after running out of gas on Interstate 35. Kebabe and Omare's 3-year-old was in the car, the Star Tribune said.
Omare and Kebabe had a very turbulent history and Kebabe often beat Omare, the Star Tribune said.

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