Mummified Body Found in Woman's Car

A mummified body of a homeless woman was found Thursday inside a California woman's car that had been there anywhere from three to 10 months.
The Costa Mesa owner of the car had been driving around with a decomposing homeless woman's body in her passenger seat for anywhere from three to 10 months, CBS News said.
The body was discovered after police responded to a complaint about a 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis blocking a driveway and smelled a strong odor. The body was covered in jackets and clothing and had a box of baking soda sitting nearby, the Daily Pilot said.
The owner of the car had been letting the homeless 50 or 60-year-old woman sleep in her car and had last seen her alive in December of 2009, the Daily Pilot said.
No arrests have been made but police are considering charging the car owner with not reporting a death and moving a body, the Daily Pilot said.
The car owner said she was scared to report the death to police, CBS News said.

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