Three University of Wisconsin-Madison Students Fined $86,000

Three University of Wisconsin at Madison students were fined $86,000 from over 130 citations for throwing a house party Sept. 11.
The three students, Travis Ludy, 21, Mitchell Klatt, 20, and Kevin Tracy, 20, were issued over 130 citations by Wisconsin police for violations including distributing alcohol to minors, dispensing alcohol without a permit, and encouraging underage party-goers to drink, according to WCCO.
The party was thrown because it was the Badger home opening football game and got out of control, the Star Tribune said.
Tracy, who is from St. Paul, and his family said that the citations are ridiculous because neither he nor his family can afford his approximate $30,000 share of the fines, WCCO said.
Police said that the owners of the home shut off lights, locked doors, and quieted party-goers in an effort to avoid talking to the police. Police said that if the owners would have cooperated, they probably would have gotten a smaller fine, according to the Star Tribune.
However, the fines will most likely be lowered in amount, according to WCCO.

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