Woman Accused of Killing Son Must Take Mental Exam

A judge ordered a woman accused of killing her infant son to complete a mental competency exam Friday.
A Stearns County judge ordered Nyachual Lungdicok Poch, 31, to complete a mental competency evaluation after she was accused of beating her 1-year-old son to death with a shoe in April, Kare 11 said.
Poch was ordered by Judge Kris Davick-Halfen to complete the evaluation and was being held on a $1 million bail, the St. Cloud Times said.
Police said that Poch began beating her son because he was crying. Police also said that this was not the first occurrence of physical violence for the boy according to the autopsy report, Kare 11 said.
Stearns County filed a petition that would order Poch to surrender her parental rights to her other children, the St. Cloud Times said.

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