Analysis: Diversity in a Story About Muslim Opposition Group

A story from BBC News about the Muslim Brotherhood enduring harassment by authorities before the Egyptian political election reflects a stereotype of Egyptian and Muslim culture that may not necessarily be flattering.
Yusuf Agamawi, 19, said he thinks that this article seems to be objective. However, he said he thinks it seems like the people in power and the authorities are the ones stereotyping the Muslim opposition group by arresting them for their political views.
Agamawi said that although this election does not directly affect him, he said he feels like the police keeping people from voting is unjust. He said he is also pretty sure that this type of control by authorities during political races has been happening for a long time.
"This is just a phase that politics always go through," Agamawi said.
Agamawi is a sophomore at the University of Minnesota studying biochemistry. He is half Egyptian and half Chinese and comes from a Muslim-practicing family.
He has been to Egypt five times and his dad has recently been in Egypt about half of the time for the past two years.

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