Analysis: Use of Numbers in Story About Energy Loss in Minneapolis

A story about the loss of energy by many Xcel Energy customers over the weekend uses numbers in several ways throughout the article.
The story uses numbers to show how many customers lost power over the weekend, how many are still without power right now, how many crews were working to fix the problem, how many jobs there were to be fixed, how many cars were towed Saturday night due to snow removal, how much snow fell in the area in inches and how much water the snow contained in inches.
The reporter uses the numbers effectively because this story is more informational than it is breaking news.
The numbers are not overwhelming because the reporter lays everything out fairly clearly for the reader.
The reporter may have used some math to boil the snow inches and the inches of water the snow contained down for his readers, but that information may have come straight from a meteorology report.
The numbers come from the Xcel spokesman, the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport and presumably the impound lot. The sources are not listed completely.

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