Lawmakers OK Happy Meal Toy Ban in San Francisco

San Francisco's Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday in favor of an ordinance that would restrict the free toy giveaway in McDonalds Happy Meals.
The ordinance was approved 8-3. It calls for McDonalds to prohibit giving away free toys in children's meals that are over 600 calories and if more than 35% of those calories come from fat, the New York Daily News said.
The ordinance was proposed in an effort to curb childhood obesity, CBS News said.
McDonalds franchise owners said they are concerned about the new ordinance because it would hinder sales and impact jobs, CBS News said.
In a ironic twist, the ordinance was voted upon on the same day that the McRib sandwich made a comeback on McDonald's menus. The McRib has 26 grams of fat, the New York Daily News said.

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