Prince William Announces Engagement to Kate Middleton

Prince William announced his engagement Tuesday to longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton.
The prince proposed to Middleton in October when the two were on vacation in Kenya, BBC News said.
Middleton, who is not of royal or aristocratic blood, and the prince met in college at St. Andrews University in Scotland. The two have been dating for nearly a decade, the New York Times said.
Prince William requested permission of Middleton's father to marry her. He gave her his mother Princess Diana's sapphire and diamond wedding ring that his father had given her, the New York Times said.
The two will marry in either spring or summer of 2011 and a venue has not yet been announced. They will make their home in north Wales, BBC News said.
The year 2011 will mark what would have been the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles's 30 year wedding anniversary, the New York Times said.

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