Quidditch World Cup Held in New York

The Harry Potter-inspired Quidditch World Cup was held Saturday and Sunday in New York.
More than 60 college and high school teams were registered to compete in the Quidditch World Cup held in a park in Manhattan, the Wall Street Journal said.
The Quidditch World Cup brought up the question of the sport's future, the Wall Street Journal said. Some people want the sport to remain unsponsored and inclusive and others want the sport to become recognized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association.
The game gets very physical as players run around the field with a broomstick between their legs and throw deflated volleyballs through mounted hoops to score points, the Epoch Times said.
The role of the "golden snitch", which in the Harry Potter books is a winged golden ball that flies around the field, is played by a live player wearing gold who carries a tennis ball inside of a sock tied to his or her waist, the Epoch Times said.
The Wall Street Journal said that some players and teams are sponsored by their schools and receive school funding.

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