Elderly Woman Dies after Shark Attack in Red Sea

A 70-year-old German woman died Sunday after a shark attacked her off the coast of the Red Sea's Sharm el-Sheikh resort in Egypt.
The woman, whose name has not been released, died almost instantly because the shark tore off her arm while she was swimming near shore, USA Today said.
The attack was the fifth in a string of shark attacks around the same area within the week. The other attacks resulted in another elderly woman's hand getting torn off and a woman's leg getting torn off, USA Today said.
Sunday's attack came after a 48 hour ban on entering the waters was lifted Saturday. Two sharks had been captured and killed during the ban and authorities were confident that another attack would not happen, the Guardian said.
Environmental experts said that the attacks are occurring as a result of the Red Sea's dwindling ecosystem and overfishing, USA Today said.

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